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  4. Technical support

    Hi, i just bought a game stop gift card thinking i could buy GP with it. Is there any way i can use it for GP. I was also wondering if I could personally ask them through email, so what is their email?
  5. Technical support

    You my want to give this a read. For 59 lvl servers base build: 105 health and 60 armor assault is enough. After hitting lvl 60 you should think, what do you want to do now. Because it's b u l l s h i t. For fast weapons you should invest in Fire Stabilization. If you use ADS destroyer's Tactical Movement I and II are pretty neat to have. You can check more Kong's threads. There is a LOT of usefull tips.
  6. Флудилка операторов

    сву-ас+MB338+HS 6-24. или ты про что?
  7. Флудилка операторов

    Согласен, без наушников как без еще одной пары глаз. а с каким это ты девайсом бегаеш?
  8. Флудилка операторов

    наушники – наше всё
  9. Spec guns - Which ones and why?

    I never used any other SPEC gun apart from TT, so I don't know. Although from what I saw on normal mode, UZI should be better than Glock. It should outclass it even... And PKP needs certain aproach. I'd use slow movement to precisely peek through cover and defend corners. Fighting head on isn't good idea in my opinion. I'd go for TT+Vityaz for DM and UZI+Pecheng for TE. rant time MP5 spec would be great weapon if not for this hit registration. I've played CW yesterday first time after 3 weeks hiatus and man did I lost my cool... But it's so f bul l s h i t when you headshot people and still getting killed by them. Especially when it's butthurted blatant hacker ridiculing you. Jesus.
  10. Последняя неделя
  11. Техническая поддержка

    Нет, такого ещё не встречала=)да и на вряд ли такое есть
  12. Spec guns - Which ones and why?

    I was expecting your answer, but not that ode to gsh. Yup, I said it many times; it's the best allround sidegun and WC can only make it better (fingers crossed). What about the other guns, though? It's hard to decide how they work and if the shitload of SP and GP is worth it. I couldn't even find metas or videos for newer WCed spec guns.
  13. Техническая поддержка

    что делать если уже 4-5 день не грузиться игра ? просто идет загрузка на черном экране и все !
  14. 12 > 13 > 14 > 15 > 16 
    GG :)

    prokill screenshot (8 5 2018 3 58 29 PM).png

    prokill screenshot (8 6 2018 10 43 04 PM).png

    prokill screenshot (8 10 2018 2 03 57 PM).png

    prokill screenshot (8 11 2018 2 54 18 AM).png

    prokill screenshot (8 11 2018 5 13 56 PM).png

  15. Техническая поддержка

    Здраствуйте, нечайно поменял разрешение (не на то что надо)))) и . В итоге не могу зайти, переустановка не помогогает ии пишет "вход не поддерживается ". Что делать ? СПАСИТЕЕЕЕЕЕЕЕЕЕ
  16. Флудилка операторов

    у тебя просто на сайте не показывает, а в игре все будет путем.
  17. Флудилка операторов

    в аркаде много хуже, и не смотрите на характеристики, с ним играть можно только разве что с донатной пробивой.
  18. Флудилка операторов

    А можно создать режим игры- ножи? Типа у тебя есть только нож, и никакие умения не влияют, типа хардкора на ножах.
  19. Флудилка операторов

    Добрый день господа. Хотелось бы узнать сколько в среднем играет в кв людей в день? Если меньше 5000, то дело плохо.
  20. Spec guns - Which ones and why?

    GSH is better than TT. Even if you are going for bodyshots. The reason is reticle sway while hip firing. PM has almost no sway. Crosshair stays on target all the time. It's the best pistol in the game (or rather it would be if hit detection wasn't s h i t). TT is very accurate, very powerfull, looks cool and sounds cool but crosshair jumps after every shot despite only ~20 recoil. GSH has similar recoil (~15) but noticable smaller sway. And it has bigger clip. Lack of silencer could be an issue on normal >60 servers, but not in HC.
  21. Техническая поддержка

    Вот так пропали текстуры.
  22. Spec guns - Which ones and why?

    Hi all, I have a few spare resources and I'm considering getting 1-2 of them, preferably with WC implemented (less likely to get annoying stat changes, plus you can grind them). I've tried them all (except PKP & UZI) before WC hit them, so I would like to have some actual, recent feedback before wasting GP on them. AFAIK: TT: probably the best semi sidegun in the game, but gsh works virtually as well and costs a few GP. I don't see a reason to go for it unless you need the silencer (and if gsh gets WC it will probably get one). Uzi: rarely seen, so it must be pretty average. Most people compare it to glock18 (which has WC and is cheaper), so doesn't look too attractive. As Val mod3: used to rock, now base stats must suck (gun had best attachments by default) and VR be a bit too high to explain why it was omnipresent and now its seldom seen. Saiga FA: very, very fun gun. Loud and obnoxious, deadly if you know how to use it (most noobs just wave it like a flashlight till they run out of ammo), I'd go for it as a 3rd gun. WC shouldn't change it much; if anything, it would improve it. Also, it tends to annoy the hell of people, which is a plus. MP5 spec: best mp5 in the game, and dead silent, but still suffers the mp5 syndrome: unless you hit heads, it just tickles the enemy. WC should improve it, but still is too average to be worth the cost. Vityaz: was a beast before, should be a hairy beast with pointy horns now from what I've seen. Great metatree, great stats, double mag... No wonder it's all around these days. Vikhlop: months ago, you had the choice of Vikhlop if you liked a silent but cumbersome cannon to camp and pick enemies far away, or orsis if you were aggressive and moved a lot. With orsis gone, vikhlop should be the undisputable BA sniper king (which is not much to say, as any carbine outguns it). Would like to see its metatree (couldn't find it), but still a niche gun for hardcore snipers. Which I'm not. PKP: stat-wise, it's a beast. A ducking sentry turret. Miles ahead from the next LMG, CR or GP (if there was a T6 GP LMG, maybe). Would love to try it with WC. I mostly play HC, though I enter normal mode every once in a while. PKP & Vity appeal to me the most; both have great stats, both stand out from other guns (PKP the most), Vity already has WC (and PKP should work better with it)... But it would be nice to hear some feedback about them before ditching a shitload of GP and SP. Feel free to comment and correct me!
  23. Техническая поддержка

    не встречал ли кто, своего рода, защиту от записи у читеров? в матч зашел игрок с низким уровнем и высоким пингом(~230), начал шпилить сквозь объекты. я предупредил, что читер будет записан (обычно после этих слов они выходят) и нажал соответствующую клавишу. и комп начал дико виснуть, есть 4-х секундный ролик с лютыми фризами, где фпс проседает до единицы с 60. предыдущий файл повредился, длится одну минуту при весе в пол гига и на нем только фризы, ничего полезного на запись не попало. причем комп подвисает при его воспроизведении. при переходе на другой сервер без перезапуска, всё работает в норме. для справки: при используемых мной настройках записи, трёхминутный ролик весит 400-500 Мб. записываю я регулярно, и такое иногда происходит, то есть случай не единичный
  24. Technical support

    I'm not using EXP boosters, I am playing on HC servers. I want to try special wapons I can reset SP and make better skill trees, because I was spending SP for shitty skills maybe you guys could help me with it to make it best? I like fast weapons with as big damage as possible (I will use weapon with a little bit less fire rate but more damage)
  25. Флудилка операторов

    когда обновы будут и игру улучшать? где новые пушки ? че так все застопарилось?
  26. Technical support

    ^ You should stay away from any EXP boosters <60 lvl. Val Mod 3 will become useless on top levels. Better buy DT MDR. Top lvl servers aren't what they used to be, and even then you needed best guns. Unless you are playing HC. In that case buy whatever suits you (I'd go with Vityaz though).
  27. Technical support

    Thanks for help, but what's wrong with it?
  28. Техническая поддержка

    Так читать надо, прежде чем что - то делать! Теперь кури бамбук!
  29. Техническая поддержка

    Привет, я потерял свою учетную запись, я играл в Facebook, и теперь я пошел к игровому клиенту, и я вижу «Нулевой уровень» И ДРУГОЙ прозвище «Player», как это возможно? ВНИМАНИЕ! ВЫ НЕ МОЖЕТЕ ПОДКЛЮЧИТЬ УЧЕТ К ПРОФИЛЬУ, КОТОРЫЙ УЖЕ СОЗДАЛСЯ, я не читал этого, и теперь я не могу вернуть свою учетную запись.
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