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    добрый день! мой номер пользователя 155095 . был забанен за т.н. тимкилед. считаю решение несправедливым т.к "товарисч" подавший жалобу по всей видимости обиделся на то что я ему невольно сорвал прошку (не нарочно) при кд 19:0 он выскочил мне под очередь . так же хочу отметить что сталкиваясь с ним раньше выдающихся результатов не видел, а в ответ на мои обвинения в читерстве , и не только мои кстати, индивид сбежал не дав возможности его записать. с читерастами в кв все давно смирились, просто обидно получать бан из их жалоб, кто первый запищал тот и прав? кстати говоря античит не робит ;))))) не можете нормально отслеживать игровые сессии так уж внимательнее относитесь к жалобам, на сколько я в курсе данный игрок кроме скринсейвера вам даже ни чего не предоставил в подтверждение своих слов Знаете , даже разбан не нужен. вся ваша возня с античитом напоминает фарс для ясельной группы. разберитесь с этим поцем он конкретно не прав. спасибо за внимание.
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    ^ You should stay away from any EXP boosters <60 lvl. Val Mod 3 will become useless on top levels. Better buy DT MDR. Top lvl servers aren't what they used to be, and even then you needed best guns. Unless you are playing HC. In that case buy whatever suits you (I'd go with Vityaz though).
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    AN94 wouldn't be affected by WC, Everyone bitches about visual recoil when a weapon gets WC, but since the extremely professional players play it hip fire only with a for overlay, They won't really care. They already have P90 customized and it's quita better than devgru, both of them are the same so I'd doubt for them to give it WC, Same for AK gold. Gsh18 would be broken if customized. This thing is already op to the extenct I use it as a primary weapon. VR would probably be like Berreta and 5-7 meaning it will be op for hipfire. MP7 0 Visual recoil, People do nothing but spam all day with it through things, Reload is instant with 40 rounds of ridiculous ROF making it broken, Give this thing WC and you want these sh it lords using it.
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    Ну привет, столкнулся ты со мной на сервере. В ответ на твою жалобу: у меня было 19 на 0 ты все это время сидел в наблюдателях, пока я играла, на 19 ты заходишь в мою Тиму разворачиваешься в мою сторону и убиваешь ( все это видно на видео, которое я снимала), после чего сразу написал "Хрен читеру,а не прошку". И ты считаешь это случайностью? Я не сбегала с сервера, а продолжила играть, когда сессия закончилась, тогда я только и ушла. А этот бан будет тебе уроком, что так нельзя делать. P.s. и да я не обиделась, просто таких как ты (убивающих своих), развелось больше , чем читеров, видишь подозрительного игрока, снимай видео, но не страдай такой фигнёй =) А если дальше будешь убивать своих, то сроки твоих банов будут увеличиваться. Советую почитать правила CW. Скрин из того видео=) А вот твоего видео, о котором ты говорил на сервере, я что-то не вижу!
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    First, PRIORITIES, No one cares about Spas 12 getting customized. Fix tge remaining stuff instead of adding more things with more problems. -Unless you are living in Europe, The game would stupid for you. Why do I have a perfect hit registration with 80 ping in others games but LITERALLY unplayable one in CW? Is it magic? It doesn't end here. Get your self Analysist 2 and test the awesomeness of CW hit registration. HSs dealing 0 dmg, Weapons dealing 10% of their original damage on different body part including head, Weapons shooting through things they're not supposed to, For example a weapon of 50 pene shooting through rocks and the best part, Nades exploding in your face could deal 0 damage but ones exploding 2 meters away bring instant death. -Hackers? I consider this problem solved now. And number of hackers is normal again. -P2W. It's just terrible. Go to normal and enjoy 5 guys with a combined SPs of 1500 shooting through everything, Knowing exactly where you are regardless of you were shooting or not, Filling your team with alts and spamming nades all over the place. Now you will say go HC, But is HC balanced? For a poor f2p guy it's terrible too. and 99% of the remaining hackers play here. Did I mention the new trend of idiots using ReShade to get crosshairs in HC and spamming AN94 there without any consequences? -Skill trees rebalance. CW description says it has RPG elements, RPG includes choosing a particular class and playing it, Where's the RPing if you have every single skill? Skills should be redone, Adding more skills and restrictions to force you to play one or two roles and reward you for it. -Moderation. Saberclaw is good, But not perfect. For example I've been tracking an entire clan that uses a private cheat since two years, All of them were banned by Saberclaw except one, He's extremely blatant but turns his stuff off when someone spectates him. So what can be done here? Yes. More mods. More ghost mode spectating. You can even go by making different 'Authorities' Highest of them being mods with their current powers, Then community helpers (Can't ban for more than 15 days, And only for stuff like chat abuse and TKing, Can ghost mode.) Then a new role, you name it, That can't ban but has an access to ghost mode spectating which will help to record people then ban them by mods. And obviously, A lot of people in these roles. I don't really agree with 5 English mods with 3 active ones and one of the three being completely unknown. -Devs should actually try to talk with us. I'm not saying pm everyone, But at least be in this forum, Make posts, Reply to some of us, This kind if stuff. -Less focus on HO, More on CW. let's be honest here guys, CW rules in browser shooter but in Steam, You're complete nobodies. I know you would feel that you want to leave your comfort zone, But you did and where did that get you? -DEMOCRACY. Wana pick a new mod, community helper or whatever? Make a poll. Wana rebalance weapons to see which weapons actually should be rebalanced and how? Make a poll. Wana cone with me and Ni Ni Ni Ni Ni? Yes. Make a poll. -Make CW great again.
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    I've always said and always will. What drives this game at the very core is lack of balance (and excessive competitiveness). The sooner you realise, the more fun you will have (at least in HC, where hackers and so called pros get regularly owned by CR guns and skill). Balancing the game would turn it into a new game, period. So you either deal with it, push devs to make a balanced mode (HC with on-screen effects and/or fixed amount of sp would work for me), or leave. CW is all about stacking in an overwhelming team, feeding on noobs, to acomplish impossible wtasks/contracts in a spiraling difficulty, increasing the the gap even further each time, to achieve progress and dominance. Wake up.
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    I just threw the idea to have a laugh, but what the heck, if there's interest we could just do it! I'd gladly accept that role as long as I only have to contribute exp and my only contractual duties are playing when I feel like it, lol. I'd use a clan name with a troll touch to it, but unless it's original enough, I'm fine with your suggestion. Requisites to be accepted: Be an ex kong player. Don't take things too seriously, it's just a game and the goal is having fun. No hacks or other clearly abusive practices (see #2). Let's see if someone else cares, if so I could start a thread to discuss stuff.
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    ПОМНИТЕ: Почту нельзя будет СМЕНИТЬ, она привязывается один раз и навсегда, в случае потери доступа к аккаунту, только через почту, можно будет его восстановить!!! Остерегайтесь взлома, поставьте на почту дополнительные системы защиты от несанкционированного входа и привяжите к НОМЕРУ МОБИЛЬНОГО ТЕЛЕФОНА!!!
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    ^^Didn't really expect that graph. Assuming it's true, it would be nice to have a bit more info: Peaceful in DM: gotta agree with fluffy's answer. Bug exploit: weird and lazy way to "solve" bugs. If a player is clever enough to use the game mechanics to his advantatge, you shouldn't punish him; you should go and remove that bug. I for one hate tree climbers, but it's not their fault that you can do that; if devs simply added a "drain life" code line (as with other objects), problem would be over (if it was me, I would ragdoll this players into space after 10s, or ). Other: what else can you do to get banned? Fake transactions? Trolling? Being critic with devs? Numbers: how many players are in that graph? Over which time period? How many active accounts are out there? Criteria: we don't know how or why most of these work. For the teamkilling, how many TK (or how many in a certain perio) grant you a ban? What is considered obscene? As usual, very little to no info and it's more misleading than anything. Given the state of things, with the rampant presence of hackers and other lowlifes in the game, and the futility of banning them to have them back in minutes with slightly different nicks, I feel obliged to suggest proper punishments (OFC, there should be a way to "record" which PC is used and reapply punishment after new account is created): Small offenses: player loses all resources. For a month gets gimp suit player cammo and knife is replaced by pink silicone dildo. Mild offenses: same as before, but gimp suit is shiny red latex and a cone-shaped hat with donkey ears is added, so you can spot him easier trying to hide. Gun does half damage. Also, cammo features a nade magnet. This lasts a year. Strong offenses: same as before, but now it's forever. There's no SP avaiable, no matter what. PM is the only available gun. The gimp suit turns glowing purple, and a is displayed above offender at all times for all players (like VIP). After a random amount of time, player explodes. Any kill of this player is met with a spectacular ragdolling. We would still have hackers, but hey, at least it would be easy to spot them and have fun waxing them.
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    Приём в клан ON [223 место примерно] Без взносов за вход. Вклад опыта в клан произвольный. Уровни 60+ K\D 1.3+ [Возможны исключения] Особенно приветствуются взрослые, много играющие игроки Обращаться ко мне
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    Не бывает дня, чтобы на меня не кидали жалобы, чтобы кто-то не писал в чат, что я или мои тиммейты читы. Каждый раз отвечаю с сарказмом: "Всё-всё, сейчас отключу" или "Да у нас тут у всех читы, ты один честный бегаешь". Игра лаговая, из-за пинга куча визуальных косяков, но самая главная проблема - это школьники со звездой во лбу: кто их убивает - читеры, кого они убивают - нубы.
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    Хотелось бы видеть адекватную скорость взвода затвора на ОРСИС Т5000( для хардкора, вон, как ГГ АВМку передергивает)
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