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  1. меня забанили безпричинно что мне делать


  2. y fui a revisar mi estado de cuenta y se realizo la transaccion

    1. Martin Jacob

      Martin Jacob


      Please, contact us at support. Thanks!

  3. Hola buenas noches realice una compra de Gp valorada en dos dolares que son 500GP + el GP bonus, realizo el pago pero no recibi mi Gp

  4. image.thumb.png.b794dec66d3002d69b56ff52c603e50c.pngПомогите решить проблему не запускаеться игра


    1. Martin Jacob

      Martin Jacob

      I can only assist you in English, sir. Please, contact us at support for this issue. Thanks!

  5. как удалить аккаунт каторий зарегистровал майле


    1. Martin Jacob

      Martin Jacob


      Send us an email at [email protected]


    2. CW1166147


      bro do samething about this bug




  6. hey how to purchase GP my payments methods are rejected ..and if i buy GP by mobile I have to Pay 5$ for 2$ GP ...you kidding??? 3$ tax


  7. Hi, how can I fix the Loading Game screen, its stuck... I tried all of this 

     but nothing works

    1. Martin Jacob

      Martin Jacob

      I replied to your post. Run the game as admin. If it doesn't work out, please, send in a support email. Thanks!

  8. entrei em um link dizendo que eu ia ganhar gp e fui banido...tem como tirar o ban pfv?

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    2. Martin Jacob

      Martin Jacob

      I can only assist you in English, sir. Thanks!

    3. CW259670



      is that I was banned for downloading an application that said it won GP

    4. Martin Jacob

      Martin Jacob

      I am unsure of what you are speaking about. Please, feel free to contact support on this. Thanks!