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  1. меня забанили безпричинно что мне делать


  2. y fui a revisar mi estado de cuenta y se realizo la transaccion

    1. Martin Jacob

      Martin Jacob


      Please, contact us at support. Thanks!

  3. Hola buenas noches realice una compra de Gp valorada en dos dolares que son 500GP + el GP bonus, realizo el pago pero no recibi mi Gp

  4. Weapon Rebalancing

    @CW308483, Please, keep posts to English only on the English forums, please. Thank you!
  5. Technical support

    Contact us at support regarding this, please? We will handle it. Thank you!
  6. @ADX DeNeRlX, please, avoid posting the same thing on multiple threads. This is considered spamming. I have removed the other one. Thanks!
  7. First/First intros

    Welcome to CW client forums!
  8. What is your connection with Developers, forum Mods?

    No idea what you mean because your statement is not clear. I do not believe you read my comment above. We are not mods. Not sure what kind of Russian mods you are speaking about either. That video you linked doesn't show me anything plus its a 2-month-old video. Not getting your point here and it's not even directed towards the topic of this thread. Still did not read what I said.
  9. Please, keep things civil down here. Thanks, guys!
  10. What is your connection with Developers, forum Mods?

    Yes. Cannot disclose that at this moment. Sorry. Various areas. Not mainly with CW though. Can only say that for now. Outside the forums via phone and software. Long story and cannot give you details at this moment. Close but too far. Part of the long story I mentioned above. No idea.
  11. What is your connection with Developers, forum Mods?

    Hello, There are certain things that a company doesn't wish to answer regarding certain things but I can try to answer some of these for you in general. Directly Hired by AS. Most community teams are working remotely and some are in office. I personally work remotely from Texas. Obviously, we are colleagues and work together in communication throughout the day. None of the staff are that individual. More than you believe so, yes! In addition to this, we are using the moderator and admin roles as its basic now. I am a community manager and not a moderator technically for example. And the same thing with others. It's not like the tag say. I believe I have given you enough amount of info. I cannot go more into detail than this I would say. Thanks for the curiosity.
  12. Chatter topic

    Fixed it. That information is for Hired Ops. Thank you!
  13. Chatter topic

    What do you mean? And I cannot find where I wrote that sentence at all if I even said it. That information is for Hired Ops and not for CW.
  14. Weapon Rebalancing

    Changes are as announced above. If there is anything else, we will make an announcement about it so, please, stay tuned for that. Thanks!
  15. image.thumb.png.b794dec66d3002d69b56ff52c603e50c.pngПомогите решить проблему не запускаеться игра


    1. Martin Jacob

      Martin Jacob

      I can only assist you in English, sir. Please, contact us at support for this issue. Thanks!