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  1. Main news on may 9

    Oh look, mp7
  2. There used to be a way before Client to follow other players in servers but it has either been removed or it is pretty much bugged right now, therefore there isn't such option anymore...or anything close to that at least.
  3. Welcome back! The Russian community merged with the English speaking one when the Client was made. You can't really force anyone to type only in English in-game... But if you are specifically talking about the radio callouts, then some are in English and some in Russian. Depends on whether a particular player has chosen English or Russian on their game settings if I'm not mistaken. There are also some logs that are written in Russian e.g. Player:подключился (Player connected). Could you elaborate on that?
  4. Technical support

    If you are stuck in loading screen then your firewall or your antivirus is blocking the game. Uninstall, disable them, restart your computer and install again.
  5. Technical support

    You can't bind Miniclip accounts to the Client.
  6. Happy New Year! Wishing you all a healthy and prosperous new year.
  7. Kong belongs to the past, the game is dead in the browsers... So... here is your reason