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  1. How to improve Contract Wars (like for real, nibba - not some dumb noobs suggestions)

  2. Chatter topic

    As I expected: What have we learned? Record your gameplay because a blind or angry in-game moderator can ban you for 1 year without any hard proofs.
  3. Technical support

    ^ It looks like something is deleting the game folder. Are you sure you disabled antivirus before the installation? They don't work during weekends, they should reply today. You can try to download ccleaner and clean your pc and registry, then try to install the client in specified folder.
  4. Technical support

    This: Don't forget to provide them your user ID. You can also try to contact them here https://vk.com/cwhelper, but I don't guarantee they will be very helpfull - last time I wrote to them they replied to me in Russian.
  5. Chatter topic

    I'm pretty sure I'll be. See you in a bit in game.
  6. Clan Recruitment Thread

    Clan "Beer" Place: currently around 200 Leader: max121091 Lieutenant: napoleon3 Beer - Have fun, relax and enjoy the game. Beer Goal - Is to become an massive clan. The main idea of the clan is to be as democratic as possible, with only a few requests for contractors. Given that this is a video game, the virtual place where we all relax our minds from the daily duties, we are not going to ask for too much. All usefull skills and rents unlocked. Minimum requirements: Contribution 10%+ Level 10+ K/D: 1.00+ Earn at least 1 clan experience weekly in order to stay in the clan. People with 0 points will be kicked out. We won't accept you if your account is named Player - change your name. Communication: Kongregate - See the news and info... Facebook group: Contract Wars - Clan "Beer" - Voting, suggestions, plans, advices... Discord channel - Join for instant messages, playing together...
  7. Chatter topic

    I'm lucky there is no roulette event or weapons discount running...
  8. Chatter topic

    Obviously Tell me which part of this video is suspicious to you.
  9. Chatter topic

  10. Technical support

    Write "promo" before the code. Like this:
  11. Victory Day "event" and promocode

    1. Press in game "~" or F8 2. Type: promo X7YTJ-Q50JT-AIR2A-B91ZR-PJ0SX 3. Enter It seems like you can receive any random weapon:
  12. How to improve Contract Wars (like for real, nibba - not some dumb noobs suggestions)

    Remove granades from HC deathmatches. Permanent stun is irritating and is ruining the gameplay.
  13. Chatter topic

    Stop waiting, it won't be released. If they plan something it takes them 1+ year to implement, so if they don't plan it... you can forget about it.
  14. Weapon Rebalancing

    It's reload speed, not mobility. I wonder how is it possible that after so many years devs still ignore the fact that every shotgun (except Saiga FA I believe) has same, constant 72 mobility that can't be affected by any skill or even HC mode boost and they try to balance it by changing the description of the weapon.
  15. Chatter topic

    I just found out you can report players for spawn-killing There's so much evidence on youtube, like 80% of "pros" videos.