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  1. First/First intros

    Devs statement about troubles with virus detection:
  2. Technical support

    Maybe because you already bought all of them (10).
  3. Technical support

    It's because we don't know the solution. Either you don't have connection with the servers (I don't know why - might be your antivirus) or your internet connection sucks and you have too big ping. You have to ask mods by sending an email here: [email protected] or writing a message here: https://vk.com/cwhelper (this one requires VK (Russian Facebook) account).
  4. Chatter topic

    Yup, you have to become a member of the forum by making 20 posts to be able to start a new thread (and even delete your old posts ).
  5. Technical support

    Disable antivirus, add CW client to the antivirus exclusions, open CW client as an administrator. If this doesn't help reinstall the game.
  6. First/First intros

    No, you can't, they don't stack.
  7. Chatter topic

    Kinda nice looking grenades visual bug At first I thought it's a feature but it turned out to be a bug
  8. Chatter topic

    New servers! Located in... Russia...
  9. Chatter topic

    A real one from https://vk.com/cwban Yea, I'm curious as well but I think they mean bots for farming / making enough ppl for contracts. But then I don't know why they single out DM from all game modes.
  10. Chatter topic

    No wonder there are so many cheaters, moderators are busy catching chat abusers
  11. Chatter topic

  12. Technical support

    I believe your account will stay untouched.
  13. Chatter topic

    Cheating and reporting others - some people have a lot of nerve **** + bonus video - a whole match against him: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ukGCyz2VbsA Kids, don't use cheats, it won't make you a good player if you don't know how to play in the first place.
  14. Chatter topic

    Well, surprisingly it looks like a lot of those noobs aren't aware they can get indisputable perm ban for using third-party software so maybe if they see this info it will lead at least few of them away from using cheats. Personally I prefer noobs with cheats than SP whores cause they use more insults.
  15. Chatter topic

    If you were perm banned by a Saberclaw you can forget about your account. Start a new one if you're still willing to play (this time close every unnecessary program before you open CW Client).