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  1. Technical support

    I think you can't because you have to be log in on Kong account to connect it to CW Client and you can't be logged in while you have ban on Kong. But you can contact support here https://vk.com/cwhelper or via email [email protected]
  2. Флудилка операторов

  3. Флудилка операторов

    Перманентные баны и баны выданные Системой - Античит "Saberclaw": рассмотрению не подлежат. There's nothing you can do. Make a new account but first get rid of suspicious applications.
  4. Technical support

    If you change language to English in client the skill doesn't even have a description so I don't know if it works. You can contact support here https://vk.com/cwhelper
  5. Technical support

    Log in to your FB account and then register here https://www.contractwarsgame.com/ (REGISTRATION --> I HAVE A CW ACCOUNT IN A SOCIAL NETWORK --> press FB icon --> choose your new email and password --> confirm your registration --> download client)
  6. Technical support

  7. Technical support

    Is this a new account? If yes you have to confirm registration using link that you received via email.
  8. Clan Recruitment Thread

    Clan "Beer" Place: around 90 Beer - Have fun, relax and enjoy the game. Beer Goal - Is to become an massive clan. We are always looking for new active members and we are going to accept you in the clan if you are level 40 or higher by carefully looking at your statistic. Players with positive K/D scores and higher levels have advantage to join our clan. If you don't meet the criteria, you can message Marko Nikolic because we can make small exceptions. Clan will not accept accounts with inappropriate nick or nick “Player”. All usefull skills and rents unlocked. Communication: Kongregate - See the news and info... Facebook group: Contract Wars - Clan "Beer" - Voting, suggestions, plans, advices... Discord channel - Join for instant messages, playing together... VK group - for our Russian members
  9. Technical support

    Looks like you are loosing connection with the server. I have similar problem with MSK servers. 60 ping, few minutes are smooth but then sudden, huge lag or even kick from the server due to lost connection (I guess they don't like non-Russian players). I have more stable connection with MIA servers where I have 140 ping. Try choose servers other than MSK (also Wi-Fi is not the best option for an online FPS ;))
  10. Флудилка операторов

  11. Happy New Year 2019

    Exp skill trees + exp boosters, that's all (that's why lately there is UZI user in every match) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SnGWXHdgNXo&t=1s
  12. Chatter topic

    You need 20 posts to be able to create a new topic.
  13. You can congratulate on this topic with the New Year 2019 !!! Administration and game developers

    In the upcoming year I wish CW team more willingness in improving the game, and for players I wish enhanced game with great quality servers, lack of bugs, glitches and cheaters along with a great number of an exciting new content.
  14. Chatter topic

    Contact support https://vk.com/cwhelper
  15. Happy New Year 2019

    I already posted this here 3 days ago, don't spam Also, you forgot to post this info on Facebook CW page