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  1. Technical support

  2. Technical support

    - install or update VC ++ Redistributable 2017x64; - install or update Microsoft Net Framework package (for Windows 7, 8, 8.1); - launch the game with administrator rights; - install the latest drivers for your device. If this doesn't help contact support here https://vk.com/cwhelper or via email: [email protected] (include in the message what you've already done to solve the issue)
  3. Флудилка операторов

    Перманентные баны и баны выданные Системой - Античит "Saberclaw": рассмотрению не подлежат.
  4. Technical support

    - disable antivirus before launching the game, - add CW client to the antivirus exclusions (main one and also Windows Defender)
  5. Флудилка операторов

  6. Technical support

    As everyone else. Russian version: Помимо этого, с периода с 08.05.2019 15:00 МСК., по 12.05.2019, 18:00 МСК., в игре будет запущена очень щедрая рулетка, самые высокие ежедневные скидки на оружие, а также при ежедневном входе в игру игрок будет получать 74 GP! " English version: "In addition, in the period from 05.05.2019 to 15:00 Moscow time until 05/18/2019 to 18:00 Moscow time, the game will run a very generous roulette, as well as the highest daily weapon discounts, also at the entrance to the game, every day you get 74 GP!" Translating dates was too difficult for them and they made a mistake. GP bonus and generous roulette event is over.
  7. Chatter topic

    Information about technical issues that occured earlier today.
  8. Chatter topic

  9. Main news on may 9

    or a buff
  10. Main news on may 9

    In the near future
  11. Technical support

    You can also try to use VPN or make some changes in resolution - that's the last fixes I've heard of. If you will still facing same problem you can contact support here: https://vk.com/cwhelper or via email: [email protected] If you will manage to fix the issue post the method here, it will help other users.
  12. Technical support

    - Delete the entire content of "Cache" folder that is located in the game folder and restart pc - disable antivirus before launching the game, - add CW client to the antivirus exclusions (main one and also Windows Defender), If the problem still persist reinstall the game. I'm getting same error from time to time while playing, I don't know what is the cause (some conflict between Unity and software on your pc) but I have a little tip (at least for win 10) if you don't know how to remove it without restarting the pc: - press Tab + "Windows" key - click New Desktop - select Desktop 2 - open Task Manager - select CWClient.exe and press End Task - press Tab + "Windows" key again and select Desktop 1
  13. Technical support

    You can't, there is only standalone client version. Browser version was shut down 1 year ago.
  14. Technical support

  15. Technical support

    Visual bug. It's common in low level servers, quite rare in 50+