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  1. Da Noob POV vol.2

    Walking on thin ice there, buddy... I don't think this forum is liberal enough for that kind of jokes. I mean we can't even swear. But on the other hand I'm curious, if mods do something. But let's keep this thread on topic or dead (like the original).
  2. Weapon Rebalancing

    Post by Veterinarius from russian side of the forum: PM – 88 – 92(+4) mobility Glock 17 – 31 – 36(+5) damage MP5k – 63 – 67(+4) accuracy 25 – 31(+6) damage SV-98 – 71 – 85(+14) accuracy 99 – 80(-19) recoil 62 – 56(-6) mobility USP – 74 – 75(+1) mobility P226 – 81 – 85(+4) mobility Benelli M3 – 77 – 83(+6) mobility Scar L – 52 – 45(-7) recoil 32 – 34(+2) damage RPК-74 – 68 – 50(-18) recoil, 34 -36(+2) damage QBU-88 – 55 – 60(+5) damage 40 – 55(+15) penetration TRP – 81 – 83(+2) mobility USPM – 73 – 79(+6) mobility IZH – 70 – 77(+7) mobility AUG – 34 – 36(+2) damage SR-2M – 28 – 32(+4) damage, 78 – 82(+4) mobility PDR-C – 75 – 62(-7) accuracy 70 – 64(-6) recoil 25 – 33(+8) damage 25 – 30(+5) penetration MDR-C – 83 – 65(-18) accuracy 56 – 59(+3) recoil 33 – 36(+3) damage 75 – 80(+5) mobility 90 two – 74 – 79(+5) mobility SVD-S – 73 – 83(+10) damage 25 – 20(-5) скорострельность М4 - 63 – 68(5) accuracy 33 - 36(3) damage 63 – 66(3) mobility Scorpion Evo – 22 – 27(+5) damage MP7 – 23 – 25(+2) damage 76 – 79(+3) mobility Vector – 69 – 74(+5) mobility ПЯ – 75 – 78(+3) mobility АК105 - 67 – 70(+3) mobility AWM – no changes (?) АЕК – 60 – 65(+5) mobility X95 – 67 – 71(+4) mobility Val Mod3 – 66 – 70(+4) accuracy 70 – 65(-5) recoil
  3. Da Noob POV vol.2

    There is no point in updating original, so I've decided to start a brand new edition. I hope this time it will gain slightly bigger response. Finding good content is hard, so I think not POV vids should be allowed too. I mean it's my thread, but I wanted to stay honest to the title. But whatever. Got funny vid, please, feel free to post link here. That being said, let's dive right into the first vid (and probably the only one for some time): It's Linkink Park but everytime he dies song skipps for few seconds Now this title should get this thread few milions displays... About da noob? He kinda knows what he is doing, but he is reloading after almost every shot in HC, he shoots while moving, he is strafing left-right-left-right, he is panicing and also spraying. Bad player, but we seen worse, didn't we? (yeah, I know he added songs first, and editted video later, probably to decrease size of the file)
  4. Chatter topic

    However HO did worked out exactly as WE expected. But because of that more attention was switched back to CW, so it's a good thing. For us at least.
  5. Chatter topic

    ^ You want to start something again;)? Does anyone check notifications anyway? I just look at the last reply in the topic.
  6. Chatter topic

    ^ We got some info about upcoming update, so this is plausible. There is hope for CW again (but for how long?).
  7. Weapon Rebalancing

    Ok, this actually make sense in 400 SP4all scenario:). Let me get this straight... I can use ducking, but not particular single letter as a substitute for profanity? Hm.
  8. Weapon Rebalancing

    I'm sorry, I didn't realise it was you when I was replying! I thought it was some random noob complaining about hard contracts and P2W. I think you may be right with idea to put more SP as a contracts rewards. Not too much, but maybe +15 (4 bronze, 5 silver, 6 gold)?
  9. Weapon Rebalancing

    ^ I hope the structure of this post is good enough for you to understand. 1. What about PM needs a rework? 2. If everybody on normal would have all skills, it would be an even grounds. I'll ask again. What would be point of HC in that scenario? Even grounds lite? Even grounds for players from 40 to 69 lvl? Even grounds without HUD? Before pretending to be funny smartass, please try to understand question first. 3. Glad you agree. Although adding cap was just an example. And there is no major differences in 160 SP and 400 SP. After 160 you will be able to get all OP skills without sacrificing anything. 4. It is stupid and excessive, but I don't see how this may be an issue. Unless someone wants to be edgy...
  10. Weapon Rebalancing

    ^ Then switch +10 accuracy in HC to +15 accuracy and bring back (some?) old skills. You won't have to buff guns, and you will achieve the same effect with less work. And how does everyone having every skill in game will balance anything? And what would be the point of Hardcore then? I see all of those topics from Kong will be recycled here... Great. Buy contract booster and: use semi-auto sniper, put the dot on the screen and hip-fire in DM, or join stack and kill close to each other noobs in spawntrap.
  11. Weapon Rebalancing

    I see we can't even use censored versions of profanities. I meant in my deleted post, that PM was pretty much perfect: and I hope there won't be any groundbreaking changes. I really like this pistol. Although I may switch to TT because of renters. I believe TT can kill a guy with Fort Rosich with 1 headshot.
  12. Weapon Rebalancing

    ^ Sorry to hear, that you have hard times understanding your native language, if there are some minor mistakes in sentences. From now on I'll put special efforts in my replies to you.
  13. Weapon Rebalancing

    No, I didn't realized that. I can't read minds. Be more precise next time. Also I believe that bug was sort of intended. It was easier to remove recoil, than writting unique recoil pattern for just one CR gun. IIRC this gun was taken for reworking. Yet developers didn't touched this feature. As I've mentioned, adding delay between bursts would nerf this gun, but I don't think, this occurs. I see already, we gonna be best pals.
  14. Weapon Rebalancing

    On the Russian side they also were arguing about Abakan. My new skilltree is build around it. Recoil isn't a bug, nor 2 bullets bursts. Those are indeed AN-94 features. Only thing you could do to nerf it, is implementing short intervals betwen bursts, preventing spamming bullets. WC will make it god of hardcore. Even if devs decide to not to add silencers to customisation. Only thing you can do is using OP weapon yourself. (TKPD an IAR aren't op if someone was wondering) HK417 is a very good weapon, but it's not even close to being OP as Vityaz and DT MDR. Hopefully next customisation will hit them too. And hopefully if that happen, people won't go for Abakan instead.
  15. Weapon Rebalancing

    ^ Legitimate or not, precedent was made. Either way better late than never, I guess;)? But it will never gonna happen, because this is one of things, that gives AS money. I'm ok with that. All I care is hit detection and registration.