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  1. Technical support

    You my want to give this a read. For 59 lvl servers base build: 105 health and 60 armor assault is enough. After hitting lvl 60 you should think, what do you want to do now. Because it's b u l l s h i t. For fast weapons you should invest in Fire Stabilization. If you use ADS destroyer's Tactical Movement I and II are pretty neat to have. You can check more Kong's threads. There is a LOT of usefull tips.
  2. Spec guns - Which ones and why?

    I never used any other SPEC gun apart from TT, so I don't know. Although from what I saw on normal mode, UZI should be better than Glock. It should outclass it even... And PKP needs certain aproach. I'd use slow movement to precisely peek through cover and defend corners. Fighting head on isn't good idea in my opinion. I'd go for TT+Vityaz for DM and UZI+Pecheng for TE. rant time MP5 spec would be great weapon if not for this hit registration. I've played CW yesterday first time after 3 weeks hiatus and man did I lost my cool... But it's so f bul l s h i t when you headshot people and still getting killed by them. Especially when it's butthurted blatant hacker ridiculing you. Jesus.
  3. Spec guns - Which ones and why?

    GSH is better than TT. Even if you are going for bodyshots. The reason is reticle sway while hip firing. PM has almost no sway. Crosshair stays on target all the time. It's the best pistol in the game (or rather it would be if hit detection wasn't s h i t). TT is very accurate, very powerfull, looks cool and sounds cool but crosshair jumps after every shot despite only ~20 recoil. GSH has similar recoil (~15) but noticable smaller sway. And it has bigger clip. Lack of silencer could be an issue on normal >60 servers, but not in HC.
  4. Technical support

    ^ You should stay away from any EXP boosters <60 lvl. Val Mod 3 will become useless on top levels. Better buy DT MDR. Top lvl servers aren't what they used to be, and even then you needed best guns. Unless you are playing HC. In that case buy whatever suits you (I'd go with Vityaz though).
  5. Technical support

    ^ https://www.kongregate.com/forums/2524-bugs-and-unofficial-tech-support/topics/900001-i-went-into-cwclient-changed-res-from-5k-to-1080p-and-now-i-can-t-change-it-back#posts-11598027 You will be able to buy it. (Although why would you want to do such a thing?)
  6. Contract Wars Tournament - Battle for Life 132

    ^ If he is getting payed for this-good for him. His vids are at least somewhat informative. I started playing in mid 2015... It was downhill from there. Hackers->P2W renters->servers going to s h i t->P2W 200 SP->Hackers again (thank you WTF?CW, or maybe thank you devs?)->inexcusable bad hit detection, desynchronization and bugged Rosich. Funny thing is I should've make arrows like this +>, because issues are pilling up. None were fixed. And nothing has changed. People with <50 ping are still like gods, unlock detection skills and you can play with wallhack-nobody will suspect a thing, stack the noobs, use OP guns, OP guns are still OP, you can't kill IIISETIII/L8888888/these_guys even with 6 bodyshots from saiga, you see the blood, you hear the sound, your crosshair is on target-you missed (headshot? more like headsh-not!), game is sh i t. It's good for practice though. Frustrating and unfairly punishing, but still.
  7. Contract Wars Tournament - Battle for Life 132

    Did you guys heard about this tournament? Silly me! Of course not, because nobody bothered to post any info here. Like usual:) K. So there is this big thing where you can participate in... You know what? I don't care. It's not my freakin' job. There sould be mods here. It's ironic, you know? I can post swear words and nobody gives a f u c k, but on the russian side moderation is superheavy. Check their How To Improve CW version. Where is my long post? Where are suggestions which I upvoted? Puff, gone! What the hell is wrong with people? Why everyone is choosing extremes, instead of pragmatic middle ground? Why people are so goddamn stupid and egotistic all the time? Willingly confined in self-confirming bubble. Being selfish morons without compassion and even a bit of understanding. And why do I care? Either way all credits go to M1. Here's da link: You may want to watch it on YT, because he put additional info in the description.
  8. Which 3 guns would you WC next?

    Aw man, right now normal mode and HC are like two different games. In normal mode nobody is ADSing AN-94. They literally flood you with tsunami of bullets while hip-firing. It's less about accuracy, and more about DPS. Slight delay preventing it would balance AN-94 instantly. When you join Bay5 and see someone with 70-9 and 5 minutes of match left, you can bet they are using MP7. Secret to normal mode DM is high RoF gun, low ping, thermo, fire stab, both DMG skills, silent movement and sniper detection skills. You don't need accuracy, recoil reduction or anything else. I've seen the skill trees, I've fought almost all the "pros". Crusher, KneelePrototype, SET, TimeMachine, Vitty (who is actually pretty skilled, but reckless and cocky), PerunaPoika (good and fast aim), Reaping_Girl, Fury (also good aim) etc, I saw their vids. Some are ADSing, some are hip-firing. Some rent, and some don't. But on the basic level it's this the same mechanic. But I've got sidetracked, sorry. Truth to be told DMG skills or guns damage should be buffed, because there is very low amount of guns you can use against renters. Rosich is everything, but not ONE headshot protection from a gun with <60 DMG. That would be something better, than meaningless WC. I mean most important guns have WC already.
  9. Chatter topic

    ^ can I be a Lt? I'm pretty active, and I have a little GP and CR.
  10. Which 3 guns would you WC next?

    Since I'm 60% of playerbase on this side of forum, I feel authorized to share my opinion on this topic. An-94: add slight delay between bursts preventing spaming bullets (you butchered Orsis, so precedent was made) + everything Saturn5 said. Devgru: why not? I still see it from time to time on 59 lvl servers. It was pretty good before skills nerf. MP7: newest Bay5 cancer. All "pros" are using it because they can see red dot in thermo. It's time to change this. Sidegun: ok, I've changed my mind. Do the PM. I would ditch laser pointer for more mobility and camo would look so sick on that beauty. I love this gun. I wish hit registration was better though:(.
  11. Chatter topic

    So what about that clan for Kong veterans? I'm hyped as hell. It was Saturn5 idea, so he should be a leader. I would love to be a part of this s h i t. Name Kongregate, red tag KONG. So ridiculous that I love it. I wasn't so hyped for a clan since ImGay clan.
  12. Technical support

    That's an old, well known bug coused by connection issues. There will never be a fix for that. If you want to complain, complain about real s h i t like hit registration. I'm speechless about it. It doesn't make me mad anymore. I'm pretty much numb to anything in this game at this point. I play this thing (word GAME could indicate I have fun) only for practice.
  13. How to improve Contract Wars (like for real, nibba - not some dumb noobs suggestions)

    You'll never improve skillwise like this. Also right now CW isn't skill-friendly game. It is unfairly punishing for aimers with it's awful hit detection, recoil mechanic, stupid bowing animation and OP skills (FS, Rosich, detection). But if you want to improve in CW, you just need some more SP, lower ping and gun with: -fast ROF for DM -big ACC and DAM in TE and go for bodyshots. Defend your favorite spot on map in DM and flank in TE and you will be fine. And don't jump. If you would like to improve in general, it's more complicated than that. But in my all CW history I've met only one guy who wanted to improve for real. People just want prokills and free GP.
  14. First/First intros

    ^ Ahh, noobs posting on wrong thread. This takes me back...
  15. How to improve Contract Wars (like for real, nibba - not some dumb noobs suggestions)

    ^ Two things: 1. Those can be high levels who grew tired of 60< bs, and just started over. I'll do the same again after my PM account reach 60 lvl. 30-59 DM servers are quite balanced. Only few renters (how pathetic is renting there!), and a lot of hackers, but most of them suck so I don't care that much. 2. You play 4 years, you are not a noob, and you are still on such low level? Something is not right. Although I somewhat agree. It shouldn't be like that. But blame p2w 300 SP cancers. They are the real problem. I've posted my opinion on that matter here .