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  1. Chatter topic

    First time I decided to ditch CW it was because I discovered that mouse sensitivity changes between maps, accounts and even weapons. It was huge issue for me, as I was in the exhausting process of changing muscle memory ...and stuff (why am I explaining this, nobody cares). I was a little drunk when I've posted my farawells on Kong so I don't know if anyone took my findings serious. I went back after some time, did few tests and concluded I must've been wrong, sensitivity isn't changing that much (maybe I was fooling myself on purpose). And I kept playing since then. Raging because of hit detection and registration, bowing animation, desynchronizations. But I believed it's ok, because it's overall good game for practicing aim. And it kinda was. Kinda because I came up with more accurate method to measure mouse sensitivity and in f CW it DOES f change big time between maps, weapons et cetera. I mean it depends on your sensitivity. With high or with mouse acceleration on you may not even notice it, but with my low-middle ~900 DPI it ranges from 5 mm to even 2 cm! Are kidding me? I'm done. Sorry for this drama queen behaviour, but holding anger isn't healthy;). I suspect I could manipulate mouse sensitivity with Cheat Engine to mantain it consistency, but I will be probably banned, so there is no point in trying. There is so many issues with this game yet such trivial thing was last nail to the coffin. Well, muscle memory is much more important, than some s h i t t y P2W broken a s s game after all. This damn cringeworthy post is too long already. Goodbye.
  2. Report hackers HERE

    I didn't know if should I post it here or in Da Noob Pov:). Whenever I see Ob3op Ha PM I click. My first thought was: wow, Evac? Bad idea, dude, even I don't feel comfortable there. But my second thought was: wait a minute, what? What a moron! It's pretty funny vid btw. I mean it has it's moments. Same as with all Noob POVs, just grab a beer and enjoy. edit: Oh yeah, he don't use aimbot, that's why it's funny. I bet in his head it's not really cheating. I just, you know, like... I mean everybody use detection skills anyway, those P2W noobs! It's Hardcore though, but still! Totally. And ban him maybe? Mods? Or Devs? Or make more mods if you can't be bothered? Or do something? Or fix your f game at least?
  3. Флудилка операторов

    Why limit this to few servers? Change all servers from 0-10 LVL, 10-30 LVL, 30-59 LVL, 60-70 LVL to 5-40 SP, 40-90 SP, 90-140 SP, >140 SP. I've wrote that before. But it will never happen because P2W noobs need F2P players so they can be superior, and devs think pleasing them is a good strategy to earn money until HO will became great success. We will see about that. If HO again fails to gain attention, you will be left with hacker infested, unbalanced, broken and almost dead game. What then? Зачем ограничивать это несколькими серверами? Измените все серверы от 0 до 10 LVL, 10-30 LVL, 30-59 LVL, 60-70 LVL до 5-40 SP, 40-90 SP, 90-140 SP,> 140 SP. Я писал это раньше. Но это никогда не произойдет, потому что P2W нубoм нужныя F2P плееры, чтобы они могли быть превосходными, и разработчики думают, что им нравится хорошая стратегия зарабатывать деньги, пока HO не станет большим успехом. Мы посмотрим. Если HO снова не привлечет внимания, вы останетесь с бесчисленными хакерами, неуравновешенной, сломанной и почти мертвой игрой. Что тогда? (Извините за Переводчик Google. Я понимаю русский, но у меня нет русской клавиатуры, и я и так не помню правильного написания большинства слов)
  4. Report hackers HERE

    ^ Well, kind of yep, but when I see <1k reputation noob ending match with 50/14 on 60 lvl servers I'm rather convinced he is a hacker. Call me biased, but level of system abuse is just too much there and cheats ARE widespread, so yeah. Also there are new(?) cheats preventing you from spectating suspicious guy, so maybe there is something in this visual bug after all. But I dunno. I would just want them cheates to keep out of 59 servers and HC. Hack the s h i t out of the CW pros. I don't care. They are the reason CW is where it is.
  5. Report hackers HERE

    Can confirm. Fought that bastard yersterday. 100% wall and aim.
  6. Report hackers HERE

    Post vids with hackers here. Hopefully some in-game mods will check those out. Please, no posting without proof. Who am I kidding with this thread.
  7. Contract Wars Memes #2

  8. Technical support

    ^ I don't know if wifi is suitable for online games, if even 20 Mb/s LTE is a f garbage. Occam's razor, man. It's probable your end. Can't you connect to router via cable? I know it is inconvenient, but at least I can load CW. You could do stuff like messing with .ini files, uninstalling>wiping registry clean>installing, installing on other drive, contacting mods on FB, but I dunno. I think it's your connection. As freaking usual. On a side note this thread should be locked, as we can't do s h i t. There is no support here. No hope. And again all the newest posts on english side will be mine. How cringy! I hate it. I should leave.
  9. Spec guns - Which ones and why?

    You should totally go for Vityaz. Somehow 95/3 Vity felt more accurate than 100/1 ACR. It's ridiculous. Maybe hit reg is better with this gun, idk. 1) Forget normal if you are above 59 lvl. Unless you like being killed by less skilled opponents with too much money or lucky enough to have 20-40 ping. I'm not salty or butthurted. It exactly how it is now. CW Pros will detect you right after you spawn and pre-aim while standing on top of a container in the open, because they are bullet sponges and they don't care. Or prokill you through the wall. And after match they will jerk each other in Russian. It's not very fun nor pleasant. re: PS: You know what, you're right. I shouldn't preach how certain guns are great because they would suit me. There are a lot of different playstyles and assuming mine is best is repulsively egotistic. That being seid, I believe objectively you should unlock: Vityaz, UZI, PKP, Vikhlop and Saiga FA in this order. Vityaz... You simply won't regret getting it. UZI may be the best sidegun. I sometimes see people only with this gun, doing weirdly good on top servers. PKP is a monster. I've heard Vikhlop is great, but yeah, it's rarely seen. And last but not least. Saiga is fun, but it's also cancer, and people will insult you in chat, so beware of that. That's what I've gathered from my experience and YT.
  10. Technical support

    I don't think so... Although I didn't play for 2 days, so maybe now is ok.
  11. Technical support

    ^ Judging by those guys in the right-down corner on the second image, I would normally said it's due to a bad connection, BUT my internet provider is a total f piece of s and I have currently 0,5 MB/s, which allowed me to find out, that even with that speed you can play CW. You have HighPacketLoss from time to time, but nevertheless it is possible. I had 90-110 ping in game most of the time. So my advice is - try different servers. With lower ping if possible.
  12. Contract Wars Memes #2

  13. Da Noob POV vol.2

    There it is, another idiot: Thermo, wall and no recoil hacks. And AGAIN old memes... CW in it's finest.
  14. Da Noob POV vol.2

    ^ Yeah, he is using some s h i t t y wallhack and thermo hack (it's obvious, whatsmore he is clanless). And he is stupid enough to post vid and complaining about game. He don't know this sniper rifle is bugged (man, people outside of Kong know so little about this game). It's worth to mention it's not the first time I see moron like that. I wonder if he will be banned any time soon... Also I wish it was this guy destroying own PC. But that is some clip from Poland, and he is Russian. He tried to be funny I guess. Also rage faces in 2018...
  15. Da Noob POV vol.2

    What an idiot...