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  1. Da Noob POV vol.2

    I don't know about you, but I'm freaking hyped! I can't understand every word, but he is basically saying he will be playing CW tomorrow and he needs good luck (удачи). I know already it will be great addition for our thread! Also I'm collecting cringe CW vids. Da Noob POV isn't dead.
  2. Ваши предложения по улучшению игры

    Я знаю, что исправление сетевого кода и обнаружение попаданий это большая работа. Но, возможно, по крайней мере, вы можете добавить арендуемое умение, которое делает все хиты засчитанными? 100 GP? 1000 GP? ОК! Но серьезные. Постарайтесь играть без Fort Rosich и 200 SP. Исправьте свою игру.
  3. Chatter topic

    My PM account now has ANALYST II. Seeing how my HS half of the time kill in one hit, in 20% don't count at all, and in 30% take away enemies health is enraging, but at the same time sad. I don't know. Fix your game.
  4. Selling Camos?

    That would be awesome! (not like a can afford any camo, but still!)\ Stacks would get even worse, but that's a neat idea. You should definitelly post those two ideas in How to improve CW 4real nibba!
  5. Selling Camos?

    ^ Really? Honestly I thought you from all people would appreciate this GP gun market, because you could buy the rest of GP guns for a lower price. And I could use even 300 GP, because I need to reset my skills again. I won't argue, that camo market have bigger potential, though.
  6. Selling Camos?

    ^ No, no. You could sell it only for 50% of the price YOU bought it, and you had to pay additional 100 GP. CW stores purchases history, so there would be no room for abuse. You bought SA58 for 90%? You can sell it only for 5% of it's full value. Of course tiers still matters, and you can't sell it to anyone bellow lvl 50. It would be useful for getting rid of guns you don't use anymore, in my case ACR, Sr3m, Noveske or SA58. And easy contracts don't give that much SP, because most of them requiere you to rent certain gun. Like contract for 100 GPI did yesterday with my PM account - 10 rage kills with glock (which cost 60 GP for one day, so you'll earn only 40 GP). Vendor system like this still would force people to earn GP, but at the same time would be goddamn convinient. If you find way to abuse this system, I will be surprised:). It should be lose, right? Man, I'm illiterate. I should proofread more careful.
  7. Selling Camos?

    That's why I said it's a side note;). Something like quasi-auctionhouse? Interesting idea. If you could sell GP guns for, let's say 50% of the price you bought it, you had to pay like 100 GP for every transaction and you lost this gun from your armory, then that could actually work. I like that. We are all nothing but dreamers here.
  8. Selling Camos?

    On a side note I'm possitive odds for rolling rare camo are still increased. I've won few legendary, infrequent and unique ones this week. Kinda on topic, what about custom camos for GP? All those douches in t-rex camos would love that. Also maybe a camos for PM already? Without a WC of course;).
  9. How to improve Contract Wars (like for real, nibba - not some dumb noobs suggestions)

    Also, I will report off-topic posts. Please create new thread to discuss suppressors irl vs silencers in Contract Wars.
  10. How to improve Contract Wars (like for real, nibba - not some dumb noobs suggestions)

    You don't need to quote full posts everytime. I hope @Martin Jacob will edit that. I am not a Hardcore player, because this mode sucks in my opinion. Weapons are less accurate, hip firing is less accurate, you are slower, granades mess up your mouse sensitivity, you don't have a cross-hair. It's ADS mode basically. Whoever mastered better CW's ADS sensitivity will win. Even reaction time isn't that much important, because of bigger recoil and spread. I don't want to mess my muscle memory, and I don't want to be frustrated, when I aimed perfectly, shot first, but because of inaccurate gun and bad luck got killed. Already half of my HS on Normal doesn't count, so I don't need that stuff. In other words, I shouldn't be forced to play HC. It's not how it should work. Normal mode could use some reworking. My point was: there IS a way to fix SP damage. About realism and real life: -if I hit your head from 51 m with 9 mm round shot from PM, would you be able to shoot back, or would I killed you/caused severe brain damage? -does bullets lost their speed and impact power after few houndreds meters? -if you shot someone in the head from close range and you even see a blood splash, can this person shoot you and walk away like nothing ever happened? -can you see icons representing enemies irl? Come on, cut it of with this realism. Fun>>>>>>>>>>Realism. Sadly devs may not understand that. EFT is developed supposedly by different people. Absolutsoft got new game called Hired Ops, true. BUT... ...it's the CW, which pays for their bills. If HO die, well, tough luck. But if people leave CW, devs will be in serious trouble. Patriotism and nostalgia can keep people only for so long. This forum, new update, those are things, that bring some hope. But it's not enough. Real problems are untouched for years now. 1. Netcode, hit detection and registration, stability, synchronisation, all that stuff. It's online FPS game, those are the most important things to fix. Nothing even gets close. 2. Hackers. I've met two blatant ones today, and one yestarday. On 30-59 servers. On 60-70 I don't even know. What is sad, few top CW hackers even showed simple solutions, how to make CW harder to hack. Anyone from Absolutsoft cared? Nope. 3. Balance. If you played CW, you know. There is no need to explain. 4. New content. Like WC, maps, weapons etc. 99. Realism.
  11. How to improve Contract Wars (like for real, nibba - not some dumb noobs suggestions)

    Reworking the skilltrees could bring some balance. Right now CW's class system looks like this: My idea is to make skills more approachable, easier to obtain, and sort of cheaper for the lower class, but leaving SP whales with advantage, which would fixed SP damage without hurting anyone. Also this would allow for more diverse builds. Here is an example: SP requierements for skill could mostly stay like in vanilla. You can say: oh no, but there will be even more peoiple with detection!!:((( Counter it with silent movement, your det skills, and your real life fps abilities. Now it's all about using game mechanics, abusing flaws and spinning dat roulette. Skills doesn't matter. Shouldn't it be the other way around?
  12. How to improve Contract Wars (like for real, nibba - not some dumb noobs suggestions)

    How this is supposed to improve CW? Unrealism of silencers is not even a little bit important. Desynchronization causing hits not registering, being killed behind cover, extreme low/high ping players having collosal advantage is. Vulnerable to hacks Client is. Ridiculously big disbalance between f2p, players spending few bucks now and then, and p2w SP gargantuas is. Even stupid bugs like shotguns mobility isn't important. WC for OP guns was a good step towards balancing the game, but if you think about it, it didn't change the status quo. DT MDR is OP, Vityaz is OP, Abakan with macro is OP etc. AND it didn't fix anything I mentioned before in first post in this thread. What we've on Kong mentioned countless times. Apart from adding WC and kind of nerfing OP weapons.
  13. Chatter topic

    ^ I hope you roll 1 SP for all that trouble and missing out roulette event:).
  14. Technical support

    ^ No, no. He meant you should perform a little cleaning with CC, and then install Client to a folder created specifically for CW (for example: D:/onlineFPS/CWClient). Also just like Fluffy have said, disable antivirus. OR You can try installing it on portable drive using friend's pc, and then copying it to yours.
  15. Technical support

    You. @XxSerbianGODxX Try messenging them on FB, or send an email to [email protected] / [email protected] Also don't share your phone number like that. You. Guy from above. @CW1242051 Weird... Could you provide screenshots with every step of the process?