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  1. Main news on may 9

    Played one match out of curiosity. Same outdated UI. Same garbage hit detection. Same problems. Not even one of our suggestions was implemented. Not that I'm surprised but it's still dissapointing. Nonetheless I bet "pros" still spend tons of money on this sht. Pathetic. At least HO is getting fixed as we speak and is doing better. Wait... gg Absolutsoft. You did it again. What, you may ask. FKD UP
  2. Dude above said they should change +1 roulette spin to +2 spins, and mod replied: My translation: Roulette is a free bonus in the game, it may be in game, and it may not be in game. (wow, so defensive...) I've quotted removed part and replied haha, of course (which was deleted). I dare you, remove this "free bonus". I f double dare you. Ironically that would actually improve CW.
  3. ^ I Agree 100% with 100% of your post! And in my opinion hit reg is the biggest issue as well. I know most people don't notice this that much with their automatic guns and spraying, but try playing with semi-auto AR or pistol. Or try to HS renter with >60 DMG gun. It's all ridiculously broken. And I'm talking about static targets. Moving ones are even more FUBAR. Not to mention USEC model is taller than BEAR, but they share same hit boxes! Or this goddamn bowing animation. Everything is not as it should be in online fps! My first FPS experience - f Unreal Tournament (from 1999 year!) had much, much better hit detection. I was replaying it 1,5 years ago and it was perfect! Even despite enemies being faster than in CW (while having almost same hitboxes like in CW). Writting about it all was waste of effort and time, friend, but I'm glad you did it anyway. All I can add is there's nothing more infuriating, than being killed by people you headshotted few times. Stacks? P2W noobs? Hackers? MP7/Vityaz/AN-94/etc? Not even f close. So yeah, AS get your s togethe... Who am I kidding. They'll never will.
  4. Victory Day "event" and promocode

    ^ Yeah, but this time you get weapon just for 10 days, hahah!
  5. Chatter topic

    They won't. They never do stuff like that.
  6. Running race on the clan experience 8/05/19

    It's funny how they aproach this race so seriously. It's obvious only handful of the most obnoxious pro* clans will be interested in this so very fun activity. And even apart from that most clans have less than 30% active members left. I am more than sure this siht won't bring people back. *p2w CW4life noobs
  7. Contract Wars Memes #2

  8. Chatter topic

    Is it though;)?
  9. Da Noob POV vol.2

    CW at its finest. His raging is funny, but I can undersrand it. Although I prefer to let anger out with chat insults instead of screaming. Being killed after headshoting someone 3 times is annoying, and hackers piss me off as well. Though I was banned for dirty language it was worth it. Raging isn't healthy, and making hackers and p2w noobs angry with r i g h t words is hella satisfying. All in all bans should be connected to PC's ip. Got new PM account already:). Hackers do the same thing. It's no problem to get one email after another.
  10. Main news on may 9

    It's weird, but now I'm glad I'm playing normal...
  11. Chatter topic

    Here's what I think: https://forum.absolutsoft.com/topic/24-chatter-topic/?do=findComment&comment=3423
  12. Chatter topic

    After some thought's I believe, I should be fair to CW and Devs. I was complaining about mouse sensitivity switching between maps, guns etc. I uninstalled client, but after few months my curiosity got better of me, and I decided to check CW. And here come confusing part: I was using 0.3 sens in game and 100 DPI before. After reinstaling it's 0.69 in game and 800 DPI! And sens doesn't change that much between maps (every gun and possibly scope/sight has different sens, but that was probably intended, just like in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.). So I don't know if Devs fixed something, or what, but one of biggest flaws is gone... Maybe it'll go to shiiiisdasfdsrtt after some time, but now aiming is at least consistent. For now?
  13. Contract Wars Memes #2

    Post whatever you like, at this point everything is a meme on internet. I personally prefer making original memes, because those mainstream are just the same joke recycled over and over again. But it's not a rule, so post away!
  14. Main news on may 9

    New customisation!!!! Man, this is fantastic news!!!! Bug fixes are for losers. Thank you for working on things, that really matters! Generous roulette sounds great too. I bet we will have even more 300 SP noobs now. Good think I siht on this game, or I would be upset.
  15. Contract Wars Memes #2