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  1. Logo art contest

    A f GP as a prize... Well, it's still more valuable than HO keys I guess. But you know what, maybe I will participate in this contest. I make most ACCURATE CW logo with my fearsome paint skillz.
  2. Report hackers HERE

    ^ You are SO wrong! Devs have all the respect in the world for those, who spend money in the game. That's why armor rent is bugged (1 HS protection my a s s), that's why there is no SP cap servers (instead of lvls which don't mean nuthin' anymore), that's why (my theory) guns were nerfed, so TTK (time to kill) would increase dramatically against P2W players. Also Fluffy has a point. Being reported doesn't get you banned. I was reported countless times for aimbot yet was never banned. This system doesn't work. It's doing something, but clearly not enough. Not even close. Like for f sake, just blok injecting .dll files. That alone would remove hacks for at least few weeks giving you time to make permanent solution. On a side note. HO now has 35 players at peak moment. Boy oh boy did 3rd closed beta test pumped the hype. Did it improve the game. You'll definitelly earn some money on dat. My posts from russian side are constantly being removed. Keep it up! New game is dead, old game is P2W hackerfest host on sh i t ty servers. I'm sure being in denial and ignoring english speaking players will help you not to bankrupt if renters decide to leave. Although I must give CW one thing. We were expecting it to die long ago and yet it is still here. It remind me of that one time when I was in public pool with my class back in the day, and someone took a dump while swimming. That person thought it will go down, but look at that, s h i t float. It stays up longer than you'd think.
  3. Report hackers HERE

    Made by what? Why there was no sign of this bug before WTF?CW's newest cheat? They're full of s h i t. That may be really a bug, but something is causing it, right? There was no major update in ages, so there is a good chance 3rd party software interfere with game creating this bs.
  4. Report hackers HERE

    ^Wait, what? Devs made actually smart and positive move towards making CW better? I'll be honest, I didn't see that comin'.
  5. Spec guns - Which ones and why?

    I just remembered something about Saiga FA... Literally every time I was fighting FA guy head on with PM none of my headshots connected when he was shooting. It was always like *headsot* *headsot* *I take damage* *headshot* *I'm dead* *anger intensifies*. Maybe it was poo t y desynch or bug, but maybe it's a hidden feature? Weird.
  6. Report hackers HERE

    They banned dude posting vids with hackers. Dude who is wasting his time recording, editing, uploading vids to yt in hope they made difference. What a joke. And for what, dirty language? F u c k me.
  7. How to improve Contract Wars (like for real, nibba - not some dumb noobs suggestions)

    Make it p2p, nerf OP skills so they can suit new format, much more SP rewards for contracts and achievements, sell only camos for GP (make more camos, add expensive custom camos for both characters and guns), add RAW MOUSE INPUT so sensitivity won't change between guns, maps and matches (what the hell?!), fix the damn hit registration/desynchs/rubberbanding et cetera, do some marketing. Voilà, boi! Or fall further into obscurity.
  8. Contract Wars Memes #2

  9. Contract Wars Memes #2

  10. Chatter topic

  11. Chatter topic

    First time I decided to ditch CW it was because I discovered that mouse sensitivity changes between maps, accounts and even weapons. It was huge issue for me, as I was in the exhausting process of changing muscle memory ...and stuff (why am I explaining this, nobody cares). I was a little drunk when I've posted my farawells on Kong so I don't know if anyone took my findings serious. I went back after some time, did few tests and concluded I must've been wrong, sensitivity isn't changing that much (maybe I was fooling myself on purpose). And I kept playing since then. Raging because of hit detection and registration, bowing animation, desynchronizations. But I believed it's ok, because it's overall good game for practicing aim. And it kinda was. Kinda because I came up with more accurate method to measure mouse sensitivity and in f CW it DOES f change big time between maps, weapons et cetera. I mean it depends on your sensitivity. With high or with mouse acceleration on you may not even notice it, but with my low-middle ~900 DPI it ranges from 5 mm to even 2 cm! Are kidding me? I'm done. Sorry for this drama queen behaviour, but holding anger isn't healthy;). I suspect I could manipulate mouse sensitivity with Cheat Engine to mantain it consistency, but I will be probably banned, so there is no point in trying. There is so many issues with this game yet such trivial thing was last nail to the coffin. Well, muscle memory is much more important, than some s h i t t y P2W broken a s s game after all. This damn cringeworthy post is too long already. Goodbye.
  12. Report hackers HERE

    I didn't know if should I post it here or in Da Noob Pov:). Whenever I see Ob3op Ha PM I click. My first thought was: wow, Evac? Bad idea, dude, even I don't feel comfortable there. But my second thought was: wait a minute, what? What a moron! It's pretty funny vid btw. I mean it has it's moments. Same as with all Noob POVs, just grab a beer and enjoy. edit: Oh yeah, he don't use aimbot, that's why it's funny. I bet in his head it's not really cheating. I just, you know, like... I mean everybody use detection skills anyway, those P2W noobs! It's Hardcore though, but still! Totally. And ban him maybe? Mods? Or Devs? Or make more mods if you can't be bothered? Or do something? Or fix your f game at least?
  13. Флудилка операторов

    Why limit this to few servers? Change all servers from 0-10 LVL, 10-30 LVL, 30-59 LVL, 60-70 LVL to 5-40 SP, 40-90 SP, 90-140 SP, >140 SP. I've wrote that before. But it will never happen because P2W noobs need F2P players so they can be superior, and devs think pleasing them is a good strategy to earn money until HO will became great success. We will see about that. If HO again fails to gain attention, you will be left with hacker infested, unbalanced, broken and almost dead game. What then? Зачем ограничивать это несколькими серверами? Измените все серверы от 0 до 10 LVL, 10-30 LVL, 30-59 LVL, 60-70 LVL до 5-40 SP, 40-90 SP, 90-140 SP,> 140 SP. Я писал это раньше. Но это никогда не произойдет, потому что P2W нубoм нужныя F2P плееры, чтобы они могли быть превосходными, и разработчики думают, что им нравится хорошая стратегия зарабатывать деньги, пока HO не станет большим успехом. Мы посмотрим. Если HO снова не привлечет внимания, вы останетесь с бесчисленными хакерами, неуравновешенной, сломанной и почти мертвой игрой. Что тогда? (Извините за Переводчик Google. Я понимаю русский, но у меня нет русской клавиатуры, и я и так не помню правильного написания большинства слов)
  14. Report hackers HERE

    ^ Well, kind of yep, but when I see <1k reputation noob ending match with 50/14 on 60 lvl servers I'm rather convinced he is a hacker. Call me biased, but level of system abuse is just too much there and cheats ARE widespread, so yeah. Also there are new(?) cheats preventing you from spectating suspicious guy, so maybe there is something in this visual bug after all. But I dunno. I would just want them cheates to keep out of 59 servers and HC. Hack the s h i t out of the CW pros. I don't care. They are the reason CW is where it is.
  15. Report hackers HERE

    Can confirm. Fought that bastard yersterday. 100% wall and aim.