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  1. Chatter topic

    Redundant-yes. But triggers Devs.
  2. Main news on may 9

    Played one match out of curiosity. Same outdated UI. Same garbage hit detection. Same problems. Not even one of our suggestions was implemented. Not that I'm surprised but it's still dissapointing. Nonetheless I bet "pros" still spend tons of money on this sht. Pathetic. At least HO is getting fixed as we speak and is doing better. Wait... gg Absolutsoft. You did it again. What, you may ask. FKD UP
  3. Chatter topic

    They won't. They never do stuff like that.
  4. Running race on the clan experience 8/05/19

    It's funny how they aproach this race so seriously. It's obvious only handful of the most obnoxious pro* clans will be interested in this so very fun activity. And even apart from that most clans have less than 30% active members left. I am more than sure this siht won't bring people back. *p2w CW4life noobs
  5. Chatter topic

    Is it though;)?
  6. Main news on may 9

    It's weird, but now I'm glad I'm playing normal...
  7. Chatter topic

    Here's what I think: https://forum.absolutsoft.com/topic/24-chatter-topic/?do=findComment&comment=3423
  8. Chatter topic

    After some thought's I believe, I should be fair to CW and Devs. I was complaining about mouse sensitivity switching between maps, guns etc. I uninstalled client, but after few months my curiosity got better of me, and I decided to check CW. And here come confusing part: I was using 0.3 sens in game and 100 DPI before. After reinstaling it's 0.69 in game and 800 DPI! And sens doesn't change that much between maps (every gun and possibly scope/sight has different sens, but that was probably intended, just like in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.). So I don't know if Devs fixed something, or what, but one of biggest flaws is gone... Maybe it'll go to shiiiisdasfdsrtt after some time, but now aiming is at least consistent. For now?
  9. Main news on may 9

    New customisation!!!! Man, this is fantastic news!!!! Bug fixes are for losers. Thank you for working on things, that really matters! Generous roulette sounds great too. I bet we will have even more 300 SP noobs now. Good think I siht on this game, or I would be upset.
  10. Chatter topic

    Look at that, Misha Svetlov's US counterpart: Dat sume nice propaganda, bias and fanatism you got there. Basically: Russian Community hates Absolutsoft - no. We hate Absolutsoft. Russian side adores them mostly. This stupid patriotizm thingy. Be patriots because of Dostoyevsky, Tchaykovsky, Pushkin, Putin etc, not some broken game scamming you for money. Russian Community is toxic because they are P2W - no. Humongous p2w aspect is on Devs. They knew what they were doing, all right. Eveybody wants to win. That's human nature. Russian Community is toxic because they want P2W in HO - it's the first time I hear anyone wants p2w in HO. I mean maybe there are some people, some CW pros who need that, but from what I saw for those years it's probably a handful of players. Hired Ops most notorious bugs were fixed in 2016 - no. There were improvements, yes, but most bugs are still present to this day. Check one of this channels for reference: Kubist120, LEX CARTER, Anna Topic or Mortig (Мортид Ракутагин). I mean you speak about Russian playerbase like an expert so I'm sure you know Russian, right? Hired Ops is all about skills, it's great - that's arguable. For you learning recoil patterns and dragging mouse down accordingly may be skill, but for me skills are fast reaction and great precision possible with accurate guns. Have in mind that rdiculous amount of recoil, which HO has, artificially extends TTK so slower people can memorize patterns and they have a chance to win a gunfight against faster enemy. It's handicap for poor players. If weapons had pinpoint accuracy than it would be all about skills. There is no P2W, that means Devs are practically Jesus - well, I have to kind of agree. It's good thing. BUT. Even F2P games are changing their business strategy. They remove premium guns and add paid accesories and stuff instead. Premium weapons in P2P game would be really stupid, don't you think? So there is nothing great about them for doing obvious thing. You know both games well and you know what you're talking about - you've said Noveske Diplomat is the most OP gun in CW. But still act like you have CW info from the first hand. Absolutsoft is a small studio trying their best - no. Read posts here or on Kong. No need for me to add more. Absolutsoft works on two games, that's why work on HO is going so slow - They work on one game, which is HO. They treat CW only like a milking cow. They started developing HO recently - no. Hired Ops aka Contract Wars Standalone was in developement for years. Same netcode, same bs, same broken promises. They change name to HO and began creating this hype around it when news about NPAPI support being dropped surfaced. All you were playing back thene was hastely put together early alpha of CWSA. We should support devs - yes. And we are. I would gladly throw some money on them. Many people would come back to do the same. But we expect at least some fixes, some actual work and at least minimal amount of respect. We get none from them. So they will get none money from me. I alone wrote dozens posts how to improve this game. But f me. What about Vitaly, whole Kong's Community trying for years to help Absolutsoft with developement? I see you forgot how things work here, Misha. Let me remind you... If I forgot something feel free to add your thoughts.
  11. Chatter topic

  12. Chatter topic

    First time I decided to ditch CW it was because I discovered that mouse sensitivity changes between maps, accounts and even weapons. It was huge issue for me, as I was in the exhausting process of changing muscle memory ...and stuff (why am I explaining this, nobody cares). I was a little drunk when I've posted my farawells on Kong so I don't know if anyone took my findings serious. I went back after some time, did few tests and concluded I must've been wrong, sensitivity isn't changing that much (maybe I was fooling myself on purpose). And I kept playing since then. Raging because of hit detection and registration, bowing animation, desynchronizations. But I believed it's ok, because it's overall good game for practicing aim. And it kinda was. Kinda because I came up with more accurate method to measure mouse sensitivity and in f CW it DOES f change big time between maps, weapons et cetera. I mean it depends on your sensitivity. With high or with mouse acceleration on you may not even notice it, but with my low-middle ~900 DPI it ranges from 5 mm to even 2 cm! Are kidding me? I'm done. Sorry for this drama queen behaviour, but holding anger isn't healthy;). I suspect I could manipulate mouse sensitivity with Cheat Engine to mantain it consistency, but I will be probably banned, so there is no point in trying. There is so many issues with this game yet such trivial thing was last nail to the coffin. Well, muscle memory is much more important, than some s h i t t y P2W broken a s s game after all. This damn cringeworthy post is too long already. Goodbye.
  13. Флудилка операторов

    Why limit this to few servers? Change all servers from 0-10 LVL, 10-30 LVL, 30-59 LVL, 60-70 LVL to 5-40 SP, 40-90 SP, 90-140 SP, >140 SP. I've wrote that before. But it will never happen because P2W noobs need F2P players so they can be superior, and devs think pleasing them is a good strategy to earn money until HO will became great success. We will see about that. If HO again fails to gain attention, you will be left with hacker infested, unbalanced, broken and almost dead game. What then? Зачем ограничивать это несколькими серверами? Измените все серверы от 0 до 10 LVL, 10-30 LVL, 30-59 LVL, 60-70 LVL до 5-40 SP, 40-90 SP, 90-140 SP,> 140 SP. Я писал это раньше. Но это никогда не произойдет, потому что P2W нубoм нужныя F2P плееры, чтобы они могли быть превосходными, и разработчики думают, что им нравится хорошая стратегия зарабатывать деньги, пока HO не станет большим успехом. Мы посмотрим. Если HO снова не привлечет внимания, вы останетесь с бесчисленными хакерами, неуравновешенной, сломанной и почти мертвой игрой. Что тогда? (Извините за Переводчик Google. Я понимаю русский, но у меня нет русской клавиатуры, и я и так не помню правильного написания большинства слов)
  14. Chatter topic

    ^ can I be a Lt? I'm pretty active, and I have a little GP and CR.
  15. Chatter topic

    So what about that clan for Kong veterans? I'm hyped as hell. It was Saturn5 idea, so he should be a leader. I would love to be a part of this s h i t. Name Kongregate, red tag KONG. So ridiculous that I love it. I wasn't so hyped for a clan since ImGay clan.