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  1. Chatter topic

    Wow the forums must be very much DEAD lol
  2. Spec guns - Which ones and why?

    What is the cost to get all spec guns? (SP and GP) Should be cool if one poccess every gun
  3. Chatter topic

    Well, those lv 20s rekting pros in HC always have their names all over the place, coincidence? Maybe just my imaginary. More cautious guys with suspectable pre-fire usually leave the game before the game end so they wont become too popular. Smart move eh?
  4. Chatter topic

    thanks bro
  5. Chatter topic

    i cannot create new thread? blah blah blah is it ok to spam here? blah blah blah actually i have a question but i cant create new thread. do i need certain amount of posts? blah blah blah happy new year