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  1. May 2018 Update Discussion Thread

    @Saturn5 ask and you shall receive. this is the vityaz's tree
  2. Victory Day "event" and promocode

    meh, it gave me the PPSh which is bad. I really wanted the Mosin.
  3. Title. What are your thoughts on the new update? My opinion for some of the guns: 9A-91: Good change minus the fact that the red-dot is trash. DT MDR: Good change. The annoying tint is removed, stat changes look nice, visual recoil is ok. Still too powerful. H&K USP: Mediocre pistol still mediocre, ok I guess. PP-19-01 Vityaz-SN: Visual recoil is horrible but understandable for balance, slightly rip. S&W Stealth Hunter: RIP. vitalykolobkov (also RIP) called it; the scope is trash, gun is trash. I don't use the other weapons much. In conclusion: Overall ok update, nice to see progress towards finalizing customization for everything, but there are still huge problems with the game that hasn't been touched, but that's another topic.
  4. Victory Day "event" and promocode

    This honestly belongs to the operatives barrack since it's on-topic, but whatever. I got the shpagina and nothing else which is pretty trash.
  5. What is your connection with Developers, forum Mods?

    heh, here I thought Martin was Russian for some reason and that "Martin Jacob" was a pseudonym just to help with the English forum persona. If you don't mind answering, how long have you been playing CW, if at all? Also confirmed WondiferousGreen is kill.
  6. Weapon Rebalancing

    omegalul I think it was like $2000 but when you're spending cash on F2P games what difference does that make right
  7. Weapon Rebalancing

    No one except the devs anyway, but that isn't my point. My point is that you're willing to spend $200 on something that is essentially an exploit (unless a dev (HAH) or mod will say otherwise), and if your stupidity dictates that it's fair to continue playing with that exploit, then your stupidity should be justly rewarded when an update/reality hits and you've just spent $200 on nothing. But that's just my opinion, and I get why people would say otherwise.
  8. Weapon Rebalancing

    To be fair if you're spending $200 to win obscene amounts of SP just for an unfair edge then you deserve to lose them in a blink. But resetting everyone's SP back to their rank is abysmal, especially for the ones who've actually worked hard to earn them through the daily contracts. I still think reimbursing SP should be through GP and/or gun metalevels seeing as achieving higher-up metalevels also requires a ton of money.
  9. First/First intros

    I just realized this was in the wrong subforum. Should have put this in Operatives barracks. whoops these subforum names are confusing :(((((((
  10. Weapon Rebalancing

    give it time. so far, @Martin Jacob's doing a very fine job of moderating the Eng forums but yea can you please confirm if the stat changes are old or upcoming?
  11. Weapon Rebalancing

    Are you using a translator? I'm thinking the context for "new stats" really meant the "latest changes". I think I've seen these in the Kong forums but I'm not willing to skim through all that garbage for something this trivial.
  12. First/First intros

    it would be nice if people stayed on topic
  13. First/First intros

    dawgpeter22 was a stupid fricking name anyways. happy to make it something else. and by writing style it's probably me not cursing as much
  14. Weapon Rebalancing

    wait a second @imperfection aren't those old changes? I'm looking at the in-game stats right now and they're the same as you've described them. I feel like he was just describing a past update.
  15. First/First intros

    lmao kill me for making a stupid post xddddd In seriousness, guess we need to start somewhere since we can't keep on using the stickies to talk with each other. I'm ganoush in 6six6 and from the "old" Kong forums. also it's peter btw