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  1. Chatter topic

    Except that's exactly the opposite of what the devs had in mind. One of the main aspects of HO is to make it such that it was an enjoyable experience for everyone who paid the same price. or was that being ironic in which case I got JeBaited hard
  2. Chatter topic

    btw you can quote stuff. it also notifies the person you're quoting so it's easier for them to reply
  3. Weapon Rebalancing

  4. Weapon Rebalancing

    lmao I'm not telling you to use perfect english. I'm suggesting that your sentences are hysterically structured. though I'll agree the PM needs a slight rework, it's honestly fine the way it is. I doubt they're going to change anything significant anyways. you literally answered the second question in the same paragraph. the point of HC is to give players an even ground where a 100% completed skilltree noob can still get wrecked by a decent player. but yeah, the concept of having 400 SP is still ridiculous anyways. there definitely needs to be a cap on that crap. (OMG HE SAID CRAP OOOOOOOHHH TELL THE PRINCIPAL) The no cursing rule is boring. this is probably literally the only non-Christian forum on earth that doesn't allow cursing.
  5. Contract Wars is leaving social networks

    This forum is not related to Kong at all. Just stick with the email. edit: Didn't see Martin's reply. Follow his advice instead I guess.
  6. Weapon Rebalancing

    To be fair your english isn't the easiest to understand. And I'm not undermining you or anything, more power to you for being bilingual, it's just hard to understand... nevermind I'll stop cause I'm an donkey
  7. Weapon Rebalancing

    uhhhh, you do realize what I'm talking about right. When you're using the burst fire mode (which I'm not saying is a bug) rapidly with a macro of god-like clicking skills, you get zero recoil from the hip-fire mode. or maybe I'm misinterpreting you like everyone on the off-topic kong forums did jkjk iz joke
  8. Weapon Rebalancing

    the abakan is alright if it didn't have that dumb recoil bug. dt mdr and hk 417 not getting nerfed is still stupid
  9. Chatter topic

    I do apologize, but seeing as this is an FPS game with people who curse derogatory language each other all the time, I assumed that insulting profanities towards individuals in a demeaning manner wasn't allowed, and that general cursing was. But fine. I'll refrain my language. ninja edit: After a few days the forum rules still haven't been posted. How would anyone have known that simple cursing wasn't allowed? I'd have made your life easier if you guys posted them first. wew lad, I smell drama already. just need DutchWarDog here next
  10. Weapon Rebalancing

    >weapon rebalancing >DT MDR and HK417D untouched In other words, the stale meta will stay the exact same. Also, what on earth is the SIDS?
  11. Chatter topic

    hey yona participate in the discord more before silas zuccs us all
  12. Contract Wars is leaving social networks

    hitreg is broken. misses on "our side" is nonsense, and everyone knows this. I can obviously be interpreting Martin wrong, but I still agree with Cow here.
  13. Chatter topic

    I'm having serious doubts about CW being upgraded, and I consider an "upgrade" as a complete overhaul of recoil, fixing spawn mechanics and/or fixing that damned ADS rubberbanding bug. All stuff that'll take ages. #absolutsofttime also given that CW has zero publicity outside russians or smth I doubt they'll even hear of CW unless they make an effort. hopefully guys like mihael don't come back. delusions and propaganda is legitimately mind-numbing.
  14. Chatter topic

    aww, i thought off-topic would be less heavily moderated plz hurry with the rules before i get my butt banned thanks
  15. Contract Wars is leaving social networks

    guess I'm going to be spamming comments then c: