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  1. Technical support

    Alright thank you SaigaNoob also I hope I dont get in trouble for saying thank you for help or what ever.
  2. Technical support

    I got a weird question about the results. When the round ended I saw like a whole team had same name, score, kills, and death. Would that be due to my internet connection or something on the other end? Later after another round both teams was the same way and it was weird but I at least I saw what I did.
  3. Alright and thanks stef for helping and telling me.
  4. I got a suggestion, would be awesome if could make a server and have friends join to get better at team skills to work as a team with friends. Oh maybe have some way for friends join same server easier would be really awesome too. I love playing with friends and it take time to find a server and join. I am sure other players would love to join other friends easier too. unless its all part of clan options I haven't looked into a clan yet.
  5. I am wondering if still working on the translations because I still see mixed English and Russian. When I go on game next I will try to take screen shots. Thank you for replying so fast. When I fill form or ask for help it take like days. Oh thinking of it would it be a client problem or something? If need screenshot I will take one soon as I can.
  6. Hi, I dont know if anyone still comes here but ummmm… I played long time ago and I finally came back I am glad to see that CW got decided to change and I like it but I see there is some problems. I saw there was a comment for English and its still a problem but I dont want to make anyone mad or step on toes. I am wondering if still working on that or not? Also if can make the game n site more english friendly. when I came back I saw black trees I should of took a shot but I kept on getting killed where ever I spawn I couldn't hide or anything also missing cabin at the lake map. I think it was the ping to high maybe. I played some rounds and when someone use the quick chat or call out it was in different language and I didn't understand so is there something that anyone can do about that too? I know no one posted in this chat in long time almost a year so I am really hoping someone will reply. Finally please dont report me but I cant help but be so surprised on how far this came and I will gladly see if any of my friends come play with me or enjoy the game like I have.