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  1. Hello I need help yesterday I bought two dollars in GP plus the GP bonus and the payment was made normally but I did not receive in GP I went to check my bank account and the transaction had been made but when entering the CW I did not have the GP that I bought and I went to see the history of purchases but nothing came out is to pay and did not receive the purchase

  2. y fui a revisar mi estado de cuenta y se realizo la transaccion

    1. Martin Jacob

      Martin Jacob


      Please, contact us at support. Thanks!

  3. Hola buenas noches realice una compra de Gp valorada en dos dolares que son 500GP + el GP bonus, realizo el pago pero no recibi mi Gp

  4. Привет, спокойной ночи, мистер Контракт, на этот раз сделайте покупку GP на сумму  на два доллара больше, чем я был в бонусе GP, и оплата была сделана, но у меня нет моего GP