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  1. 100/19 SA58 hip fire question.

    Made me miss old 103/1 veske
  2. First/First intros

    Hi I'm Yona Not much else to it
  3. Weapon Rebalancing

    Four, and I know it sounds silly, but give away more SP's through events and competitions. Why is this a good solution? Because people with plenty of SP don't benefit from it but people without - do. Also, it dosnt harm SP players in an unfair way like taking back SP or putting an SP cap does. Ofc these events should be as little of P2W as they can be.
  4. Da Noob POV vol.2

    Classic thread
  5. Chatter topic

    No, that is just a very common bug, possibly caused by people changing teams (it's very hard to test, so I'm not certain)
  6. Chatter topic

    Trying my best
  7. Weapon Rebalancing

    Set 6? And thanks for making this post
  8. Chatter topic

    Hi everyone Seeing as I like this platform and really want it to work, I thought I might aswell contribute a bit and write something. So I wanted to share with ya'll something from my personal life, this week I deployed to the army... I will be serving for 3 years in which I'll be a lot less active in game, and a lot more active in the real world Let's keep the thread active and let's keep enjoying CW Yona