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  1. Chatter topic

    This bug doesn't bother me, I just wanted to share it. Rampant hackers and hit register issues are what bother me most. As for your mod proposal... would have been nice, but probably would have ended as Vitaly's one. As for HO... might try it some time, but I don't feel any hurry to do so. I still have a slim hope they complete WC before ditching the game.
  2. Chatter topic

    Was gonna ask about it. I wanted to comment how I can't equip some guns* unless I wait quite a few minutes after loading game, and found the thread locked. WTF? One of the few if no the only thread that sees life... It could be so easy to keep some movement (silly contests, for example, random camo giveaway, etc), yet devs insist on killing their own game. Oh well... *Noveske, mdr, ak74, hk41, gakms, mosin.
  3. Main news on may 9

    I'm not trying to sound like an asshole, but we get sparse info and then silence again... Who out of us who reposted got awarded (and what)? Why, as asked just before me, the daily 74GP wasn't active for the announced time? Nice update BTW (having fun with triple wtasks), but.. please go for devgru, an94, gold ak and gsh soon!
  4. Main news on may 9

    AN94 hackers are not that common and aren't much of a nuisance; in normal, though, you have to fight not only hackers but "legit hackers" (high sp players).... no point going back there, except when I miss the animations. Used PDR a lot, works nice early ingame, it's sort of a mini P90 (devgru, we need WC for you!). Try MDRC, it's a slightly improved PDR. Wouldn't mind a historically inaccurate WC for them... they have always been collectible guns (fancy name for useless guns) and that could help see them used more often. And some buff, too.
  5. Main news on may 9

    Gotta admit I still have some kind of hope that WC will reach more guns than those announced... Also, for those of us who stayed long enough to grab all GP guns... why not offer perming discounts? Devs get another cash income, CR snipers are usable, VSS becomes even better, only drawback is AN94 hackers staying more matches in a row.
  6. Main news on may 9

    Nice to know there is an upcoming update! However, despite following the trend, it's bittersweet news: New WC, great. I'm fine with mp7 and sr2m (I didn't complete wtask expecting WC to use the grind), but the rest are irrelevant. What the heck, I'd simply make a "generic shitty sidegun metatree" for all these never-used pistols. Gsh18, an94, devgru, gold akms (no sights on muzzle please)...they could all be awesome with WC if stats and VR stay equal, yet it never comes. No bug fix, and I'm not even talking about visual ones, but those that really screw gameplay. Hope this WC doesn't add new ones. What is worse, no hacker countermeasures. Even in HC it's hard to find a match were some SA kid with no votes is prokilling the whole enemy team full of veterans. Free GP and such is nice (those of us with ww2 guns could use some weird ass cammo or GP ) but, as usual, it's sad that no SP cap is implemented to prevent top p2w players becoming gods amongst mortals. Yes, it's money coming towards devs, but at the same time this kinda makes f2p leave (which are probably the majority of players), killing the future of the game (the fun of having shitloads of SP is playing against those of us that don't, not against another +200SP semigod). It's kind like diverting the whole river to grow crops and make instant profit, only to find that years later you have no river and nothing to grow (Aral sea reference). Make a SP cap, and give p2w something that makes the feel special but gives no ingame advantatge; like unicorn suit and moustache cammo, glow in the dark guns, dildo shaped knifes, rainbow nicknames... Was expecting that.
  7. Chatter topic

    The problem was clear after the 1st pic... Happens the same to me; sometimes a player gets his name all over the scoreboard in the place of other players. I often think (grab tin foil hat) these kind of subtle bugs could be the byproduct of 3rd party programs messing with CW, Or maybe it's just the buggy code after all.
  8. Chatter topic

    Sure! But first I'd like to see if anyone else has any interest on this, or it will be a 2 people clan (will take a shitload of time to buy CR things, I don't even think of rents or GP purchases). Will try opening a thread later, see if some familiar faces want to drop by.
  9. Chatter topic

    I just threw the idea to have a laugh, but what the heck, if there's interest we could just do it! I'd gladly accept that role as long as I only have to contribute exp and my only contractual duties are playing when I feel like it, lol. I'd use a clan name with a troll touch to it, but unless it's original enough, I'm fine with your suggestion. Requisites to be accepted: Be an ex kong player. Don't take things too seriously, it's just a game and the goal is having fun. No hacks or other clearly abusive practices (see #2). Let's see if someone else cares, if so I could start a thread to discuss stuff.
  10. Chatter topic

    Thx fluffy, nice to know. Two to go, yay!
  11. Chatter topic

    This might be a noobish question, but I can't find a way to start a new thread. I expected a big blue button instead of the "Reply to thread" one, but there's nothing like that. Maybe I have to shitpost for a while to reach X status and be able to start new posts? Also, too bad that you can't edit posts after a while (I like to correct grammar mistakes if I see them or edit content if it's a live post). It's a shame, 10 posts with at least 60' between them would be more than enough to prevent trolls/spams/floods, but even then, given the frenetic activity of the forums I for one would welcome some nigerian prince trying to share his treasure, eastern europe girls looking for love in the interwebz or dubious asian sellers with broken engrish selling us their secret yet millenial old aphrodisiac pills.
  12. Chatter topic

    ^^Doesn't look bad, IMHO. Nades could also get WC; start with basic HF nade, and grind towards stun nade, flash nade, smoke nade, timed/triggered nade and perhaps a final dual nade (limited to 1 HF). Same goes for knife; unlock faster but weaker knife, slower but 1HK knife, etc.
  13. Chatter topic

    ^^Didn't really expect that graph. Assuming it's true, it would be nice to have a bit more info: Peaceful in DM: gotta agree with fluffy's answer. Bug exploit: weird and lazy way to "solve" bugs. If a player is clever enough to use the game mechanics to his advantatge, you shouldn't punish him; you should go and remove that bug. I for one hate tree climbers, but it's not their fault that you can do that; if devs simply added a "drain life" code line (as with other objects), problem would be over (if it was me, I would ragdoll this players into space after 10s, or ). Other: what else can you do to get banned? Fake transactions? Trolling? Being critic with devs? Numbers: how many players are in that graph? Over which time period? How many active accounts are out there? Criteria: we don't know how or why most of these work. For the teamkilling, how many TK (or how many in a certain perio) grant you a ban? What is considered obscene? As usual, very little to no info and it's more misleading than anything. Given the state of things, with the rampant presence of hackers and other lowlifes in the game, and the futility of banning them to have them back in minutes with slightly different nicks, I feel obliged to suggest proper punishments (OFC, there should be a way to "record" which PC is used and reapply punishment after new account is created): Small offenses: player loses all resources. For a month gets gimp suit player cammo and knife is replaced by pink silicone dildo. Mild offenses: same as before, but gimp suit is shiny red latex and a cone-shaped hat with donkey ears is added, so you can spot him easier trying to hide. Gun does half damage. Also, cammo features a nade magnet. This lasts a year. Strong offenses: same as before, but now it's forever. There's no SP avaiable, no matter what. PM is the only available gun. The gimp suit turns glowing purple, and a is displayed above offender at all times for all players (like VIP). After a random amount of time, player explodes. Any kill of this player is met with a spectacular ragdolling. We would still have hackers, but hey, at least it would be easy to spot them and have fun waxing them.
  14. Weapon Rebalancing

    I'm truly surprised. We got a huge bunch of WCed guns. Not just the mentioned guns, but also USP, SH (pretty nervous about its new scope), MDR (finally! finally!) and SPEC guns! Wow! Rage, it's too soon. It probably takes a couple of hourse for the update to settle and work fine. Quoting VK: Friends, we are glad to inform you that the update of the client of the game has just been filled in, which made it possible to customize the following weapons: - 9A-91 - SVU-AS - RAP - DT MDR - VSKS Exhaust - H & K USP - PP-19-01 Vityaz-SN - Smith & Wesson Stealth Hunter - Franchi SPAS-12 Also, work was done to improve the balance of weapons, which affected the characteristics of more than 20 barrels. In addition, in connection with the upcoming May 9 holiday, we want to give all players weapons of the Great Patriotic War, PPSh and Rifle Mosin, in order to get these weapons you need to use a promo code that will give you one of these barrels if you have already bought this weapon, you will receive 100 GP: X7YTJ-Q50JT-AIR2A-B91ZR-PJ0SX In addition, starting from today and ending at 11:59 pm on Sunday, May 13, the game will have increased personal discounts on weapons, as well as a very generous roulette: - the size of bonus GP is increased by 10 times - SP drop chance increased by 10 times - chance of falling out of rare camouflage is increased by 10 times The price of changing the color of the nickname to 300 GP is also reduced. We wish a pleasant game!
  15. Weapon Rebalancing

    Update is here! As stated, 9a91, RPD, SVU-AS and SPAS get WC. At first glance, metalevels look nice. So, which guns will be WCed next?