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  1. Selling Camos?

    ^ Actually not, but thanks for thinking of me. If you could speculate with guns and buy & sell at the right time, I could see the point in losing a gun (even though you don't use it) to get a revenue some time later, but with your rules I would rather keep them. BTW, I just lack glock17 and spec guns (I might buy the prokill wtasks and save the remaining GP for tree builds). I mentioned the market stuff (trading cammos, metalevels or even wtask progress) because they would create interactions between players that could help dinamize the game, at least for a while. On a side note, player cammo is an unused concept, but they would be gamechanger if they subtly changed your stats (you gain mob but lose armor, decrease noise but mob too, etc). How about team contracts. Or different time duration for contracts. Even contracts refreshing in random order each day. Wow, got carried away and that would make CW a whole different game anyways.
  2. May 2018 Update Discussion Thread

    Gonna add my biased review after some use. Basically it's pretty much what I expected; generally speaking, guns work equal or better than before yet are more versatile now: 9A91 (mostly grinded): really enjoying this one. Feels like a kedr on steroids; fast and powerful, accu seems better than stats show, exclusive attachments and moderate grinds; what else can you ask? It's a very fun & effective flanking gun, and WC definitely improved it. I actually get a warning message when rushing with it: "Error 404: recoil not found". MDR (first metas unlocked): OP gun with better sights? Hell yeah! Yes, slightly less mob and mild VR was introduced, but IMHO that's good because it takes out a slight OPness edge from the gun (a burning necessity). Yet, as Imperfection says, it makes no sense that SA58 has worse base stats while being higher tier, more expensive, and much more difficult wtask (it should have mob and accu boosted, IMHO). Spas (no metas): works much like I remembered, but for some reason (graphics?) it reminds me of Benelli now. I'll task it when I feel like wasting the day doing shotty stormkill contract, so I can't tell about attachments (not that it makes such a difference for shottys, anyway), but at least it wasn't spoiled. PDR (no metas): since mine is untasked (turn prokills wtasks into storm ones already, devs!) I won't speak too loud about it, but I guess everything is better than wtask shitty collimator, so I'll give it a thumbs up. HK USP (full grind): it sucks and probably did before too, but at least you grind it fast. Might seem it has decent stats, but once you try it you hate it. You have a hard time nailing even the first shot and sights seem off, afterwards you can't hit the side of a hangar. But now you can add bells and whistles to it, so yeah, better now. Vityaz (not owned): can't speak about it, but would be nice if someone posted the metatree. I remember it was a great gun limited by a tiny reddot; if VR stays low and collimators look decent, it will still be a very OP gun. SVU (first metas unlocked): always liked this one, even more now. Sort of a poor man's HK417, which is why you won't use it much if you have a few decent GP carbines, simply being able to ditch the dreaded black ring of death soviet scope and fitting a decent sight makes it a success for me. Vikhlop (not owned): hard to see now, maybe WC will popularize it a bit (guess you can only change sights, but still). Can anyone post the metatree? OFC there had to be a loser, and that was SH (half grinded in my case) and by a large factor. It probably is THE BEST example of WC ruining a gun, followed by Orsis and then m4a1/ak105. It's such a bleeding case that it deserves it's own paragraph: in simple terms, devs turned SH into a worthless collectable item. No muzzle attachments: I took them for granted; get some recoil reduction, nearly perfect accu on iron sights... Hey, I even expected silencers for this one (I know what you're gonna say about realism, but still). But no. Even Python has things that screw in front of it, but SH can't. Poor metas: it's not just the lack of muzzles, the metatree is emptier than an apple store after a riot. No tact device available. Just a few mediocre collimators (comp4, where are you?) and a crazy grind towards the only decent sight. Oh, but of course, this gun is designed to sniper! That's why you get to choose between a huge amount of scopes... Well, nope. Only two, and one comes stock. Which leads us to... Scope: by far the worst part. This alone kills the gun. The scope is ridiculously small and obstructed, unusable. The old one was clear and took ~1/3 of the screen (and even then you got myopia from using it); the new one is smaller than 1/4 and has tinted edges. Really? If anything, they should have made it even bigger and clearer! Other sideguns should look as SH does now (try Thor with wtask and cry), but SH should be a 4k telescope! Uncompetitive: a CR gun two tiers lower beats SH in every way except for a bit more accu (only matters at very long ranges) and dmg (probably takes the same hits to kill anyway). Actually, the faster firerate of python makes it usuable at closer ranges than SH. I think SH could be redeemed with bigger & better looking scopes (a must), some dmg and accu buff and a few more attachments. Till that happens, we can all say bye to a staple and historic gun and classify it under the "grind and forget" category. That's why I get mixed feelings about this update.
  3. Selling Camos?

    I personally don't see the point for a GP gun market. From your suggestions, seems like you would get just a few GP, which is irrelevant for anyone except low-level f2p. I'd rather keep them for fun than selling them for a dime. Cammos & skins, however, could use some sort of advanced trading system. For example: Every X cammos of Y rarity, you get a random one of Y+1 rarity (this would mean even crappy & repeated cammos from roulette still do something). Cammos could have a value according to gun, rarity & availability (=how many people have that same cammo for sale). You could put it on sale by telling the game, which would price the cammo accordingly. Available cammos would then be listed online (some sort of new game tab) and traded for mp/new currency. Metalevels could also be traded; sell the excess one for your favorite one, get others for seldom used ones. Just an idea...
  4. Victory Day "event" and promocode

    After using the code on several alts, it seems like it grants the first gun in order of price/tier. If you already own all guns, you get 100 GP. Not that much, but still better than anything (maybe x3 free meta unlocks or rare cammo would have been adequate).
  5. Weapon Rebalancing

    I'm truly surprised. We got a huge bunch of WCed guns. Not just the mentioned guns, but also USP, SH (pretty nervous about its new scope), MDR (finally! finally!) and SPEC guns! Wow! Rage, it's too soon. It probably takes a couple of hourse for the update to settle and work fine. Quoting VK: Friends, we are glad to inform you that the update of the client of the game has just been filled in, which made it possible to customize the following weapons: - 9A-91 - SVU-AS - RAP - DT MDR - VSKS Exhaust - H & K USP - PP-19-01 Vityaz-SN - Smith & Wesson Stealth Hunter - Franchi SPAS-12 Also, work was done to improve the balance of weapons, which affected the characteristics of more than 20 barrels. In addition, in connection with the upcoming May 9 holiday, we want to give all players weapons of the Great Patriotic War, PPSh and Rifle Mosin, in order to get these weapons you need to use a promo code that will give you one of these barrels if you have already bought this weapon, you will receive 100 GP: X7YTJ-Q50JT-AIR2A-B91ZR-PJ0SX In addition, starting from today and ending at 11:59 pm on Sunday, May 13, the game will have increased personal discounts on weapons, as well as a very generous roulette: - the size of bonus GP is increased by 10 times - SP drop chance increased by 10 times - chance of falling out of rare camouflage is increased by 10 times The price of changing the color of the nickname to 300 GP is also reduced. We wish a pleasant game!
  6. Weapon Rebalancing

    Update is here! As stated, 9a91, RPD, SVU-AS and SPAS get WC. At first glance, metalevels look nice. So, which guns will be WCed next?
  7. Weapon Rebalancing

    Answering to lasts posts... Having a moderator / community manager actually posting was quite a change, so I didn't expect much more. Personally, I'd gives dates just if I can be sure to meet the deadline; if you can't show that commitment, then just post teaser pics every once in a while. As for the future WCed guns.... I'm gonna step forward and voice it: none will be a game changer. They are seldom used now for a reason, and WC should improve them but, at best, simply ease their use: 9a91: a gun not for everyone's tastes, if VR stays low it should be a very nice flanking cqb-midrange gun and I'd love to try it. RPD: a decent sight and some recoil reduction will help, but it's the wtask that should change. I'd use rpkt/hk243 any day over this hog. SVU: could be a poor man's version of HK417. In other words, it will have collimators on handguard, weird scopes and heaps of VR to compensate it SPAS: shottys are the weird family in CW and this one will be no exception. Sights are nearly useless, muzzlebrakes and ammo makes little difference to my noobness. But that's already better than stock version of this caulking gun, plus it can look the part with swamp cammo. If I could influence devs, then I would give WC ASAP to: MDR: give it a standard AR tree and it would balance the right way. I'm not even asking for VR. Slightly less OP, more versatile. Isn't this what balancing is all about? Gold AKMS: if VR caps at AK74 levels and sights aren't located over the left hand, it would be a BEAST. Good stats, bullets that hit like godsend hammers, rugged no bullshit AK feel. What else? The tacky golden cammo. Yes, GOLDEN CAMMO. Hope they include some polished metal, purple ano and sparkling cherry red cammos at last meta. Devgru: paradoxically, stock p90 outguns this one. Can't even argue with the "it's silenced" crowd because no it's not; it's loud as hell, but bullets sound like a sewing machime instead of the usual rattle. It's like a screaming whisper all over the map, and if several players use them (not anymore) it sounds like someone kicked a nest of angry bees. However, with WC, base stats would be quite nice, and with the usual hi-end customization (kemper, klesch and MBS338 or whatever it's called) on it, it would be a truly T6 SMG. Gsh18: if you could put a tiny sight + silencer on it, then it would be THE sidegun for anything except long range (that's it, until WC hits Stealth Hunter). An94: kemperize this oddball, and bam, another beast. I predict a few permings in the future for this one. Stealth hunter: if WC goes as usual, do this one last (it will be a crappy, expensive python). If you're gonna keep the same scope or even make it better, and buff a couple of stats, then by all means do it.
  8. Technical support

    The most common ones for me: When I enter a game, I always tend to lose the first encounter (provided it's a few seconds away from joining in). It's as if I encountered a sudden lag spike or something for that first enemy and bam, to the floor I go. At any point in the game, I can suddenly suffer a sudden freeze: inputs are delayed, graphics go wild, control is impossible, etc. After a few seconds I begin to see stretched guns/arms, black silouettes shuffling in blue sky, ultrazoom, etc. If I wait a minute or so sometimes it goes back to normal, but since there are small "replicas" I just exit the game. Funny enough, I can rejoin server right there at it's smooth as silk. In HC: reload bug (gun reloads but when you try to shoot it's empty), all sorts of annoying hit detection issues (shoot at distracted enemy and then you're down), players missing from scoreboard or repeating all over, etc.
  9. How to improve Contract Wars (like for real, nibba - not some dumb noobs suggestions)

    No worries, I was just being a sarcastic, egoistic nerd. I can only hope this thread finds some use and we begin to see changes. Having WC for spec guns, devgru, gsh18 and a94 would be awesome. BTW, I'll pm you later about what to do with ~115 SP
  10. How to improve Contract Wars (like for real, nibba - not some dumb noobs suggestions)

    I'm surprised to see that most of the 2nd paragraph, despite the lack of credit, is a quote of my words at Kong (OP, I think I know who you are!). My advice towards game improvement, from coarse to fine detail: General view Players must feel the game subtly changes, evolves, it's alive. A static game is a dead one. Devs not only have to exist, players must believe they exist and are active. It's simple really; an online game requires new players to come and old players to stay, so you have to attract the first and challenge the latter for it to exist an thrieve. Medium view For 1), fix old nasty bugs, redistribute servers, add WC to remaining guns, ease wtasks and contracts, expand WC and rework guns killed by WC, add a new set (¿?), etc. For 2), adding changelogs, upcoming events, polls for new WC or quick contests with GP/cammo rewards, game info... will let us know they exist and care about their users. Fine view At this stage I think going into finer detail is irrelevant, but to name a couple of things; repair all button, save server preferences, add metalevel progress bar on hud, option to add notifications on HC (play HC with normal visuals), add new guns, save multiple accounts on login, discounts for gun perming, special events or servers (same random gun and map for all, for example), etc After that, we can start discussing zombie mode and zapp guns.
  11. Weapon Rebalancing

    I'ts a fresh and unexpected sight to read someone in touch with devs. Without further proof, though, OP mentions work is being done and says weapon rebalancing is part of it. Commenting just on that (most has already been said): Opness maintained: Vity and MDR are untouched. At least give them WC (that should autonerf them) so they have drawbacks like any other guns instead of being lasers right out of the box. Restore former glory of old guns: we all know them; m4a1, ak105, orsis, izh43... Guns that were fun and/or competitive, killed by poor WC implementation. Buff the ARs so they are average again (no need to make them even good), restore Orsis lightning fast times (now it's so slow in every way it's become a expensive SV98) and izh43's awesome doom-like handling. Trust me, it won't break game balance, but they will be worth to use again. Specialized attachments/decent scopes: guns with good sights were effectively nerfed by WC with smaller and darker lenses/sights: any sniper/carbine, kobra, sr3m, ebr, etc. Imagine WC for Stealth Hunter; scope will look as crappy and useless as it does on Thor, wil have worse base stats than tier 4 CR python but it costs GP! From pocket sniper to expensive niche sidegun! Avoid that by keeping preWC looks; could be as simple as making the attachment looks as nice as usual in that gun, but normal in any other (=scope is big and clear on SH, but smaller and darker on thor). Or even making gun-specifing attachments, like sr3m's silencer, some muzzlebreaks, etc. Limitations of WC: WC is a good idea, but in the end you just can boost accu and recoil at the expense of mob & dmg (=grindfest towards kemper and anpeq). Being able to very subtly alter fire rate, mag size, reload, ammo, etc. could open a whole world of possibilities. Doable wtasks: some of there are either too hard or grindy; mainly, prokill tasks should become x5 storms. It's absurd to ask doubles for vity/MDR or storms for PKP when you need pros for vector, rpd or noveske (which needs a buff, btw). Someone once suggested that each game feat (storm, triple, longshot, etc.) should give X points that would count towards wtask progression (ofc you could complete it A LOT faster by doing what you're asked). I would simply turn any pro wtask into x5 storms. Transparency: wouldn't hurt to add the altered stats to the post, estimated release date, make a poll to ask for next WC, give a few teaser pics, etc. Takes a few minutes and gamers get a certain feeling of being cared for. Spec guns on roulette: they were removed due to a bug exploit (or so I read); a year later, can't that bug be fixed? Will leave that for now or it will take a few more pages!