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  1. Spec guns - Which ones and why?

    I was expecting your answer, but not that ode to gsh. Yup, I said it many times; it's the best allround sidegun and WC can only make it better (fingers crossed). What about the other guns, though? It's hard to decide how they work and if the shitload of SP and GP is worth it. I couldn't even find metas or videos for newer WCed spec guns.
  2. Spec guns - Which ones and why?

    Hi all, I have a few spare resources and I'm considering getting 1-2 of them, preferably with WC implemented (less likely to get annoying stat changes, plus you can grind them). I've tried them all (except PKP & UZI) before WC hit them, so I would like to have some actual, recent feedback before wasting GP on them. AFAIK: TT: probably the best semi sidegun in the game, but gsh works virtually as well and costs a few GP. I don't see a reason to go for it unless you need the silencer (and if gsh gets WC it will probably get one). Uzi: rarely seen, so it must be pretty average. Most people compare it to glock18 (which has WC and is cheaper), so doesn't look too attractive. As Val mod3: used to rock, now base stats must suck (gun had best attachments by default) and VR be a bit too high to explain why it was omnipresent and now its seldom seen. Saiga FA: very, very fun gun. Loud and obnoxious, deadly if you know how to use it (most noobs just wave it like a flashlight till they run out of ammo), I'd go for it as a 3rd gun. WC shouldn't change it much; if anything, it would improve it. Also, it tends to annoy the hell of people, which is a plus. MP5 spec: best mp5 in the game, and dead silent, but still suffers the mp5 syndrome: unless you hit heads, it just tickles the enemy. WC should improve it, but still is too average to be worth the cost. Vityaz: was a beast before, should be a hairy beast with pointy horns now from what I've seen. Great metatree, great stats, double mag... No wonder it's all around these days. Vikhlop: months ago, you had the choice of Vikhlop if you liked a silent but cumbersome cannon to camp and pick enemies far away, or orsis if you were aggressive and moved a lot. With orsis gone, vikhlop should be the undisputable BA sniper king (which is not much to say, as any carbine outguns it). Would like to see its metatree (couldn't find it), but still a niche gun for hardcore snipers. Which I'm not. PKP: stat-wise, it's a beast. A ducking sentry turret. Miles ahead from the next LMG, CR or GP (if there was a T6 GP LMG, maybe). Would love to try it with WC. I mostly play HC, though I enter normal mode every once in a while. PKP & Vity appeal to me the most; both have great stats, both stand out from other guns (PKP the most), Vity already has WC (and PKP should work better with it)... But it would be nice to hear some feedback about them before ditching a shitload of GP and SP. Feel free to comment and correct me!
  3. Chatter topic

    Sure! But first I'd like to see if anyone else has any interest on this, or it will be a 2 people clan (will take a shitload of time to buy CR things, I don't even think of rents or GP purchases). Will try opening a thread later, see if some familiar faces want to drop by.
  4. How to improve Contract Wars (like for real, nibba - not some dumb noobs suggestions)

    I've always said and always will. What drives this game at the very core is lack of balance (and excessive competitiveness). The sooner you realise, the more fun you will have (at least in HC, where hackers and so called pros get regularly owned by CR guns and skill). Balancing the game would turn it into a new game, period. So you either deal with it, push devs to make a balanced mode (HC with on-screen effects and/or fixed amount of sp would work for me), or leave. CW is all about stacking in an overwhelming team, feeding on noobs, to acomplish impossible wtasks/contracts in a spiraling difficulty, increasing the the gap even further each time, to achieve progress and dominance. Wake up.
  5. Which 3 guns would you WC next?

    Gues I'm the 30% then, the remaining being fluffy and others seldom commenting here. I wouldn't change AN94, I don't feel it's as OP as people say. Still has horrid VR and must be bursted carefully to be of some use. But double tap + scope + silencer could be sick for campers or flankers. I said Devgru because I always liked stock P90; the good thing is that, since it equips a crappy sight and a very limiting silencer, once it gets WC pen will become 25 (+5) and damage 39 (+8). Not bad at all. Didn't know mp7 was used nowadays. WC for it would be nice to justify doing the wtask, for at least you grind something (same goes for veresk or spas). But in my case they belong to that big group of average guns with nothing special about them that you wtask and forget, so I have no hurries to see them customized. Also; PKP. I didn't include it because it's the only gun I never tried, but from the looks of things we should see it more if it ever gets kemperized. Also, it was no the aim of the thread, but I'd rather see orsis, m4a1, sh and ak105 restored (with WC) to their former glory than new WC.
  6. Which 3 guns would you WC next?

    Hi all, Despite the slim chances we see this in a near future, I'd like the ponder the opinion of the respectable playerbase on this topic. To make it simple, please state 3 guns and 1 sidegun and tell us briefly why (add cammo if you feel like it). So, without further ado: Devgru: accurate (stock one beats it now though), huge mag, decent base stats. What else? Oh yes, dmg & pen would be autobuffed considerably as WC kicks in. This would turn it into probably the best all-rounder SMG, making it regain its lost throne when its particular buzzing was omnipresent in any match, kind of like vuvuzelas in the previous football world cup (no, I don't miss either of them). Cammo: matte black with batman logo, perhaps with a small scribbled word like IWI. An94: I know many of you hate this gun, for it is the weapon of choice of that dubious player with high k/d ratios and few votes that kills you seemingly out of nowhere, but it is a one-odd, has pretty good stats and is limited by a mediocre sight. Even if no silencers or tact devices are available (I know, I know, but this is a game), being able to fit a nice sight would make it a lot more versatile and appealing. Exactly what happened with VSS. Cammo should be the "Banned!" banner. Akms gold: forgotten gun, when looking past the bling and the horrendous VR (on iron sights) you find a gun with surprisingly good stats. A good sight AT THE BACK (lookin' at ya devs, not in the handguard as on many AKs), even if VR still is that of an unbalanced chainsaw, and it would be A BEAST. It shoots bricks, not bullets, and accu is so high that you could even use monster and still longshot all day. A true powerhouse. Cammo should be something even tackier than gold plating, so I would either say A-Team silver scheme or some sort of anodized: blue, purple, red candy or even rasta. Sidegun: I was tempted to say enforcer, but gsh with silencer and sights would pretty much turn any other sidegun into obsolete junk. As for the cammo, a secret one.
  7. Chatter topic

    I just threw the idea to have a laugh, but what the heck, if there's interest we could just do it! I'd gladly accept that role as long as I only have to contribute exp and my only contractual duties are playing when I feel like it, lol. I'd use a clan name with a troll touch to it, but unless it's original enough, I'm fine with your suggestion. Requisites to be accepted: Be an ex kong player. Don't take things too seriously, it's just a game and the goal is having fun. No hacks or other clearly abusive practices (see #2). Let's see if someone else cares, if so I could start a thread to discuss stuff.
  8. Technical support

    The bugs I encounter more often in HC, besides hit reg issues? Game suddenly becomes uberslow and unplayable. This is usually followed by weird animations like arms strentching back and forth, image greatly zoomed, image flipped, dark flat background with inverted blue floating players... or a combination of them. Quitting the match, something which isn't easy either, is the only working solution. Then you can even join the same server with no issues. On my first kill, the game gets a lag spike. It's just that first time I shoot someone, even when getting a clear OHK. OFC, if the enemy is aware, I invariably die. After that, game sort of works as usual. Unkillable VIP in sky (not that it bothers me since someone eventually kills it, avoiding the bug). Some times, when using reloadin or throwing a nade the animations occur but no reload is done or nade thrown. Sonar/mortar icon displaying (even after item is used) if I hold the throw button and then rapidly switch guns.
  9. Chatter topic

    Thx fluffy, nice to know. Two to go, yay!
  10. First/First intros

    Guess I'll introduce myself to raise post count. Hi, this is Saturn5 (same at Kong). Been playing CW in a non-competitive way for quite a while as hi-level F2P clanless pleb, so I've seen quite a lot in terms of game evolution. If you want to join me, go to HC midrange maps (Evac is my favourite). See you! PS. Also, in the name of noobiness and out of sheer respect for this thread: plz dvs give me free GP xdXDxd lulz
  11. Chatter topic

    This might be a noobish question, but I can't find a way to start a new thread. I expected a big blue button instead of the "Reply to thread" one, but there's nothing like that. Maybe I have to shitpost for a while to reach X status and be able to start new posts? Also, too bad that you can't edit posts after a while (I like to correct grammar mistakes if I see them or edit content if it's a live post). It's a shame, 10 posts with at least 60' between them would be more than enough to prevent trolls/spams/floods, but even then, given the frenetic activity of the forums I for one would welcome some nigerian prince trying to share his treasure, eastern europe girls looking for love in the interwebz or dubious asian sellers with broken engrish selling us their secret yet millenial old aphrodisiac pills.
  12. Chatter topic

    ^^Doesn't look bad, IMHO. Nades could also get WC; start with basic HF nade, and grind towards stun nade, flash nade, smoke nade, timed/triggered nade and perhaps a final dual nade (limited to 1 HF). Same goes for knife; unlock faster but weaker knife, slower but 1HK knife, etc.
  13. Chatter topic

    ^^Didn't really expect that graph. Assuming it's true, it would be nice to have a bit more info: Peaceful in DM: gotta agree with fluffy's answer. Bug exploit: weird and lazy way to "solve" bugs. If a player is clever enough to use the game mechanics to his advantatge, you shouldn't punish him; you should go and remove that bug. I for one hate tree climbers, but it's not their fault that you can do that; if devs simply added a "drain life" code line (as with other objects), problem would be over (if it was me, I would ragdoll this players into space after 10s, or ). Other: what else can you do to get banned? Fake transactions? Trolling? Being critic with devs? Numbers: how many players are in that graph? Over which time period? How many active accounts are out there? Criteria: we don't know how or why most of these work. For the teamkilling, how many TK (or how many in a certain perio) grant you a ban? What is considered obscene? As usual, very little to no info and it's more misleading than anything. Given the state of things, with the rampant presence of hackers and other lowlifes in the game, and the futility of banning them to have them back in minutes with slightly different nicks, I feel obliged to suggest proper punishments (OFC, there should be a way to "record" which PC is used and reapply punishment after new account is created): Small offenses: player loses all resources. For a month gets gimp suit player cammo and knife is replaced by pink silicone dildo. Mild offenses: same as before, but gimp suit is shiny red latex and a cone-shaped hat with donkey ears is added, so you can spot him easier trying to hide. Gun does half damage. Also, cammo features a nade magnet. This lasts a year. Strong offenses: same as before, but now it's forever. There's no SP avaiable, no matter what. PM is the only available gun. The gimp suit turns glowing purple, and a is displayed above offender at all times for all players (like VIP). After a random amount of time, player explodes. Any kill of this player is met with a spectacular ragdolling. We would still have hackers, but hey, at least it would be easy to spot them and have fun waxing them.
  14. May 2018 Update Discussion Thread

    ^^Thx buddy. I like that tree; cool cammos, good attachments, and seems like Vity is improved even further with WC. AFAIK, the microscopic sight was the only thing that limited it's power; now, as long as VR is bearable, must be a beast. Hope someone uploads the tree for Vikhlop! Too bad they didnt' add WC to PKP, the undisputable machinegun king after RPKT (maybe I should use it more, but IMHO RPD has better accu but sucks in every other way).
  15. Da Noob POV vol.2

    If I ever recorded myself, I'd probably end up here with the most unexplainable kills and the most stupid deaths.