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  1. Spec guns - Which ones and why?

    I know barely anyone reads these forums, but even then... New update. I got Vikhlop! So how does it feel? Pros: silent and powerful. Decent mobility (for a sniper). Biggest magnification ingame (if I rememeber well from VItaly's post). Recoil and handling feels quite nice. Cons: noncompetitive anywhere but in huge ass maps. Terrible grind for decent snipes/scopes. In other words, it's just like I remembered it. Don't take me wrong; it's a very good sniper (at this time probably the best bolt action sniper, or BAS). But that's too little for the game standards. As I said before, BAS are just underpowered because if you miss your first shot (not just by luck of accu, but lag plays an important role too) even the crappiest gun will kill you before being able to fire again. Even if you nail that shot, it's not always a guaranteed kill. And at longer ranges, where you might have an edge, the frequent reload keeps you at disadvantage too. Being quite silent is a plus, but not a game breaker. At longer ranges it's not that necessary, and at closer ones the slow firerate and frequent reloads compensate for it. That's why, unless you go at extreme ranges (if anyone still plays those kind of maps, btw), where scope is a necessity and damage drop renders all other guns useless, you will be outgunned. At closer ranges, you can do well if you are one of those unbearable players that climb a tree and spend the match there, placing careful shots. But then again, dtsrs2 or any silenced carbine would work even better. IMHO, to make this gun competitive they should make it one hit kill even with VIPs and speed up all processes (aim, reload, firerate). But maybe it's just me, because I suck at sniping and have a poor connection. The terrible collimators available at first don't help nail your shots, either. But it's quite a disappointment when a customized tier 1 TKPD works much better than the spec gun equivalent. As for the other guns, my opinion stays the same. Vity and PKP are the only true spec guns (vity rocks with kemper btw), mod3 is quite nice but not outstanding, the rest are fun but not competitive. How I wish I had experienced that... Doesn't matter which way the saiga fa was pointing at, it felt a lot noisier than effective. Even regular saiga outperforms it at anything but cqb. Still, it's so damn fun when you learn to use it; don't spray at sight, rather flank a lot, rush and just spray at really cqb. Cost per gun assuming no other skills (=from beginning of class), using the outdated calculator site (perhaps a few numbers are wrong)=: TT: 23 SP, 250 GP Mp5 spec: 11 SP Vityaz: 22 SP, 455 GP (+11 SP, +455GP from mp65 spec) Mod3: 29 SP, 635 GP Saiga FA: 32 SP, 1135 GP (same meta as mod3) PKP: 33SP, 880 GP Vikhlop: 29 SP, 605 GP Uzi: 16 SP, 155 GP
  2. Spec guns - Which ones and why?

    The event granted some GP, so I went the assault route and here's a quick update: Vity: still didn't reach kemper (using comp4 right now), but I can already tell it's a top gun. Just what I said, but now it's even easier to use. Fast, comfortable, fun.. win win! PKP: wtask is... meh. You trade mob (the few you have left) for an average magnification and a shaky screen. But I still have faith that, with WC, you could turn it into a FA sniper (with a scope) or just clean maps with silencer+kemper. As I said, this guns feels more powerful than any other, but you must get used to it's bulkiness to be competitive. Mod3: my fears were confirmed. Yes, it's a very good AR, it's fun to use and it sounds sorta like sr3m (a plus for me). But that's it. It's not a top AR (a spec gun should be IMHO). WC is irrelevant on it (no muzzles and no real improvement besides kemper) and it's way too shaky; lacks refiniment. I have the feeling it's a tier 4-5 gun. They should buff pen, accu and even dmg, and above all make recoil minimal to take it back to where it belongs. It should be mod3>sa58>mdr, not the other way around. Saiga FA: after unending and unnecesary nerfs cried for by abusive noveske users (newbies never knew those times), it lacks killing power. Yeah, a lot of boom boom, but good luck downing someone in evac hangar from side to side; way too much dmg drop and spread to be effective, rendering this gun useless beyond cqb and anything except flanking like map and clearing spawns. Still, it's so damn fun.... wtask seems useles like all slug ammo (not unlocked yet), but who knows, maybe with WC, flechette ammo and kemper it gets a subtle improvement. As for the next gun, it will take a while. Vikhlop, if I ever get the remaining SP and some extra GP. In other case, mp5spec (just for the achievement)...
  3. 8th anniversary of Absolutsoft (promo code)

    Quite possibly the first time devs made an active effort to listen to playerbase. OFC, maybe I'm too optimistic and they just pick last 3 entrances without even looking.
  4. 8th anniversary of Absolutsoft (promo code)

    Really? Press F8 key (around the top middle part of most keyboards and paste the text between ##: #promo 5QKTQ-OFVNF-9C8AS-T4QOX-TW4SM# Can't believe I'm even saying this....
  5. 8th anniversary of Absolutsoft (promo code)

    Well done Fluffy! Nice to see an "event" (and a generous one!) once in a while! Good birthday absolusoft and hope one day you'll listen just a little bit to those who feed you and help you make it to the decade. I'm just unsure about the increased SP chance. Besides the odd SP the random player might get, since there's no SP cap it seems like only rich players will benefit from it bypouring a shitload of GP into spins to get a fulll skillset. Ps1. Free gun bonus grants first available gun by tier, I think. Ps2. Would be nice to have perming discounts every now and then.
  6. Spec guns - Which ones and why?

    So I just remade my tree, got PKP and Vity. Basically, they work as I expected them: Vity: very agile in every way, quite powerful, very nice metatree... certainly a great gun. Feels like a top AR.. PKP: so much fun to play with, hoping WC reaches it because it can only improve. Feels like a walking sentry gun; cumbersome and slow (still have to get used to that), but extremely accurate and deadly. Mows vips like butter. I'm thinking about the next one. Saiga? Mod3? Vikhlop?
  7. Chatter topic

    The problem was clear after the 1st pic... Happens the same to me; sometimes a player gets his name all over the scoreboard in the place of other players. I often think (grab tin foil hat) these kind of subtle bugs could be the byproduct of 3rd party programs messing with CW, Or maybe it's just the buggy code after all.
  8. Victory Day "event" and promocode

    Will Unity day, on November 4, be the next event till christmas? Or have devs ditched CW altoghether?
  9. Technical support

    Mine now loads all stuff quickly, but takes a lot longer than usual to load both the game and the profile, still don't know why (no changes on my side AFAIK).
  10. Spec guns - Which ones and why?

    Well, it seems I can now get both Vity and PKP. I'm retained to do so by 2 factors: 1) Skilltree: not the best now, and will probably be idiotic if I get both guns. But I guess it's just a matter of accepting it, since I play HC mostly (and would probably need a shitton of SP to be decent in normal either). 2) Alternatives: I'm curious about mod3, saiga and vykhlop. Dunno how they fare /will do with WC, but I guess they're pretty average since they're seldom seen now. (BTW; if anyone can post the metatree for vykhlop it would be awesome). PS: imperfection, mp5 spec wouldn't be great no matter how; is a fun but impractical gun. It tends to waste ammo easily (hi FR) and needs HS to be effective (low dmg). Yes, with proper hitreg and a stealh flanking play it could be a beast, but then you've got plenty of other options too (HK417, MDRC, for example).
  11. Technical support

    I've logged in after a couple of weeks off and I've noticed that most attachments and cammo don't load (spinning arrows for the first, blank spaces for the latter). It used to take a few seconds to load, now I can play 2 matches and cammo still hasn't loaded up. Oh, and the game seems slower, but that seems hard to tell from before. Anyone experiencing this?
  12. Spec guns - Which ones and why?

    I was expecting your answer, but not that ode to gsh. Yup, I said it many times; it's the best allround sidegun and WC can only make it better (fingers crossed). What about the other guns, though? It's hard to decide how they work and if the shitload of SP and GP is worth it. I couldn't even find metas or videos for newer WCed spec guns.
  13. Spec guns - Which ones and why?

    Hi all, I have a few spare resources and I'm considering getting 1-2 of them, preferably with WC implemented (less likely to get annoying stat changes, plus you can grind them). I've tried them all (except PKP & UZI) before WC hit them, so I would like to have some actual, recent feedback before wasting GP on them. AFAIK: TT: probably the best semi sidegun in the game, but gsh works virtually as well and costs a few GP. I don't see a reason to go for it unless you need the silencer (and if gsh gets WC it will probably get one). Uzi: rarely seen, so it must be pretty average. Most people compare it to glock18 (which has WC and is cheaper), so doesn't look too attractive. As Val mod3: used to rock, now base stats must suck (gun had best attachments by default) and VR be a bit too high to explain why it was omnipresent and now its seldom seen. Saiga FA: very, very fun gun. Loud and obnoxious, deadly if you know how to use it (most noobs just wave it like a flashlight till they run out of ammo), I'd go for it as a 3rd gun. WC shouldn't change it much; if anything, it would improve it. Also, it tends to annoy the hell of people, which is a plus. MP5 spec: best mp5 in the game, and dead silent, but still suffers the mp5 syndrome: unless you hit heads, it just tickles the enemy. WC should improve it, but still is too average to be worth the cost. Vityaz: was a beast before, should be a hairy beast with pointy horns now from what I've seen. Great metatree, great stats, double mag... No wonder it's all around these days. Vikhlop: months ago, you had the choice of Vikhlop if you liked a silent but cumbersome cannon to camp and pick enemies far away, or orsis if you were aggressive and moved a lot. With orsis gone, vikhlop should be the undisputable BA sniper king (which is not much to say, as any carbine outguns it). Would like to see its metatree (couldn't find it), but still a niche gun for hardcore snipers. Which I'm not. PKP: stat-wise, it's a beast. A ducking sentry turret. Miles ahead from the next LMG, CR or GP (if there was a T6 GP LMG, maybe). Would love to try it with WC. I mostly play HC, though I enter normal mode every once in a while. PKP & Vity appeal to me the most; both have great stats, both stand out from other guns (PKP the most), Vity already has WC (and PKP should work better with it)... But it would be nice to hear some feedback about them before ditching a shitload of GP and SP. Feel free to comment and correct me!
  14. Chatter topic

    Sure! But first I'd like to see if anyone else has any interest on this, or it will be a 2 people clan (will take a shitload of time to buy CR things, I don't even think of rents or GP purchases). Will try opening a thread later, see if some familiar faces want to drop by.
  15. How to improve Contract Wars (like for real, nibba - not some dumb noobs suggestions)

    I've always said and always will. What drives this game at the very core is lack of balance (and excessive competitiveness). The sooner you realise, the more fun you will have (at least in HC, where hackers and so called pros get regularly owned by CR guns and skill). Balancing the game would turn it into a new game, period. So you either deal with it, push devs to make a balanced mode (HC with on-screen effects and/or fixed amount of sp would work for me), or leave. CW is all about stacking in an overwhelming team, feeding on noobs, to acomplish impossible wtasks/contracts in a spiraling difficulty, increasing the the gap even further each time, to achieve progress and dominance. Wake up.