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  1. Technical support

    Maybe you guys can upload it on GoogleDrive and give me a download link? My friend goes on holidays...
  2. Technical support

    CCleaner didn't help, it didn't find it
  3. Technical support

    I wrote to absolutsoft but I don't get the reply (wrote on saturday)
  4. Technical support

    First time I had more steps, but I forget to change folder. I don't have "C:\Games\" and it didn't made it. I can't uninstall it or delete files
  5. Technical support

    Are you usnig VPN? Try disable it or antivirus/firewall
  6. Technical support

    I tried, but there isn't any CWClient or something like this
  7. Technical support

    Hi, I've download installer then I normal installed client, but there isn't any icon of it. I tried install again but then there aren't some steps. I tried run as administrator but it didn't help. Please help! (sorry for grammar or mistakes)