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  1. Technical support

    I'm not using EXP boosters, I am playing on HC servers. I want to try special wapons I can reset SP and make better skill trees, because I was spending SP for shitty skills maybe you guys could help me with it to make it best? I like fast weapons with as big damage as possible (I will use weapon with a little bit less fire rate but more damage)
  2. Technical support

    Thanks for help, but what's wrong with it?
  3. Technical support

    Hey guys I'm getting closer to buy As Val mod. 3, but there it writes that it's not available. That's mean that I'll couldn't buy it?
  4. Technical support

    Maybe you guys can upload it on GoogleDrive and give me a download link? My friend goes on holidays...
  5. Technical support

    CCleaner didn't help, it didn't find it
  6. Technical support

    I wrote to absolutsoft but I don't get the reply (wrote on saturday)
  7. Technical support

    First time I had more steps, but I forget to change folder. I don't have "C:\Games\" and it didn't made it. I can't uninstall it or delete files
  8. Technical support

    Are you usnig VPN? Try disable it or antivirus/firewall
  9. Technical support

    I tried, but there isn't any CWClient or something like this
  10. Technical support

    Hi, I've download installer then I normal installed client, but there isn't any icon of it. I tried install again but then there aren't some steps. I tried run as administrator but it didn't help. Please help! (sorry for grammar or mistakes)