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  1. Question - Answer OCWT

    In this topic you can ask all your questions about the tournament, each of the questions will get answer by the administrator in the near time. F.A.Q by OCWT What weapons can be used during games? Answer: Any, except prohibited by the rules of the tournament. When will my team play? Answer: First schedule of games will be published after the start of the tournament, the organizers will notify you of any changes. Can a dot / crosshair be used in tournament games? Answer: We cannot track this, therefore, there are no penalties. But remember: you use this at your own risk! Can I use ReShade? Answer: Yes, you can. Can I or my team record videos of tournament games and upload them? Answer: Yes. What if my team cannot play on the appointed day? Answer: Let us know about this, we will discuss the transfer of the game with the captain of another team. Will there be live streams? Answer: All games will have live streams on our YouTube channel. How can I or my team apply for participation in an official tournament? Answer: The application for participation in the official tournament is accepting at our forum.