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  1. General OCWT Rules

    1. GENERAL INFORMATION AND RULES. 1.1. An application for participation can be send by any player. The reason for the refusal can be ask from any organizer. 1.2. The map for the game is selected by "bans" (in turn, each captain selects one map for the "ban" until one is left. Team will play this map). 1.3. Distribution of teams on the grid, side selection in the first round will be done with a random. 1.4. The games will be on weekends (Saturday, Sunday). 1.5. A team that did not came for the game 15 minutes after the set time will go down to the lower bracket. After the second defeat, the team delete from the tournament. 1.6. Players are prohibited from using the following weapons during tournament games: AN-94 Abakan, DT MDR, PP-Vityaz, HK 417D Sniper. 1.7. A violation of the rules is considered: 1.7.1. Use of any programs that give an advantage over other participants competitions; 1.7.2. Disclosure of tournament maps and passwords; 1.7.3. Using map errors (bugs, invisible textures); 1.7.4. Insulting or humiliating the administration or participant; 1.7.5. Violation of the rules of Contract Wars; 1.8. During the game, the referees have the right to take any action aimed at identifying violations. 1.9. If a violation of the rules is detected, the participant is suspended from the game and the team will lose. 1.10. The team representative is obliged to answer the judges in a timely manner, and also within 24 hours from the moment of creating the chat, select a map for the next match. In the event of an untimely response, the team may be counted as a technical defeat. If it is necessary to transfer the game, the representative of the team, or the player replacing it, is obliged to inform the tournament organizers at least 12 hours before the start of the game. Depending on the circumstances, the game may be rescheduled. 1.11 In the event of a tie in TE (Team Elimination) mode, both teams remain on the same server for another round to determine the winner. A draw in TDS (Targed Designation) is considered the same amount of points received in two full rounds (up to 6 wins). In the event of a tie in this mode, the teams play another 2 full rounds. If it is not possible to identify the winner after additional rounds, the referees have the right to credit the victory to the team whose total number of deaths for the whole game is less.