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Found 4 results

  1. Dear friends! We present to your attention the new official tournament for the game Contract Wars, in which from 8 to 16 teams will compete! Teams should try their hand at certain maps and modes: TE mode: Old_Sawmil; Evac и Interchange. TDS mode: Terminal_1; Terminal_2; Interchange и Bridge. Weapons: AH-94 Abakan, DT MDR, PP-Vityaz, HK 417D Sniper, will be banned in the tournament! The main prizes for winning the official tournament: for 1st place - issued to the winning team up to 70000 GP for 2 place - issued to the team up to 52500 GP for 3rd place - issued to the team up to 35000 GP Important information: the main prizes for the first three places in the tournament will vary depending on the number of teams gathered in the tournament, the more teams will take part, the more there will be main prizes! The official tournament will be held on weekends only on Saturday and Sunday under the general supervision and control of game moderators. All information about the official tournament (and this, the schedule of matches, the composition of the grid, reports and so on) will be reported only on the forum of the game Contract Wars. We invite all players to take part in the hot event of the game Contract Wars.
  2. Main news on may 9

    Contractors, here comes the time to complete our work on the long-awaited update of the game, in which you are awaited by new customized modifications of the weapons: - Sig Sauer P226R - Automatic gun OTs-33 Pernach - Submachine gun SR2M Veresk - Submachine gun Magpul PDR-C - submachine gun Skorpion - Submachine gun H&K MP7 Wait for the update is not long, follow the news on the official channels: https://forum.absolutsoft.com https://discord.gg/cJZUKve And also we will play a few promocodes on the GP and premium-weapons among all those reposting this post, the results of the competition will be on May 10. In honor of the 74th anniversary of the victory in the Great Patriotic War, together with the update of the game, we launch the following actions: - clan race by experience; - generous roulette; - high daily weapon discounts; - With daily entry into the game you will receive 74 GP; - promocode for 2000 activations on the Legendary Mosin rifle weapon and the PPSH submachine gun. Happy Holidays!
  3. Weapon Rebalancing

    Hello Contract Wars Fans, Some of you have been asking if work is still being done in CW and what it entails. I have given you reply on the fact that work is still in progress but I have not answered your question on what it actually is being done. One of the works that are being done right now is weapon rebalancing. As promised, we now continue to work on the project actively. Right now we are working to add new custom weapons: 9A-91, RAP, SVU-AS, SPAS-12 very soon. And today, we would like to tell you about the rebalancing that is already done on the weapons that are already in the game. The characteristics of most of the weapons are slightly changed for the better, but some weapons underwent significant changes: SV-98 with the aim of increasing efficiency at long distances increased accuracy, reduced return, and mobility RPK74 - significantly reduced return and increased damage QBU - increased damage and significantly increased penetration, making the rifle effective against armor PDR-C, MDR-C - characteristics recycled for melee SIDS - significantly increased damage, but reduced the rate of fire Val Mk3 - increased accuracy and reduced return for the return of the legendary weapon in the "meta" The entire list of weapons that have been rebalanced: 1 Set: PM, MP5k, CB98, G17 2 Set: M3, SCAR-L, RPK, Type88 (QBU), USP, P226 3 Set: TRP, USPM, IZH43, AUG, PDR-C, MDR-C 4 Set: 90two, SVD, M4, SC EVO3, MP7, KRISS 5 Set: Pistol Yarygin, AK105, AWM, AEK971, X95 Special Set: Shaft Mk3 As always, thank you for the continued support and we are sure you are enjoying our new forum.
  4. Status Reports Section Guidelines

    Hello Contract War Players, In this whole section, you will be able to find new announcements and news about the game Contract Wars Client. So, this will be your go-to place to follow up with the project and get all the information there is. We recommend you check on this section regularly or use the forum features to follow it. Recent announcements will be pinned on the top, and older ones will be locked after some time to avoid any confusion and clutter. No other posts will be made in this section. Due to this, this is one of the most important sections of this forum. Thank you!