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  1. General OCWT Rules

    1. GENERAL INFORMATION AND RULES. 1.1. An application for participation can be send by any player. The reason for the refusal can be ask from any organizer. 1.2. The map for the game is selected by "bans" (in turn, each captain selects one map for the "ban" until one is left. Team will play this map). 1.3. Distribution of teams on the grid, side selection in the first round will be done with a random. 1.4. The games will be on weekends (Saturday, Sunday). 1.5. A team that did not came for the game 15 minutes after the set time will go down to the lower bracket. After the second defeat, the team delete from the tournament. 1.6. Players are prohibited from using the following weapons during tournament games: AN-94 Abakan, DT MDR, PP-Vityaz, HK 417D Sniper. 1.7. A violation of the rules is considered: 1.7.1. Use of any programs that give an advantage over other participants competitions; 1.7.2. Disclosure of tournament maps and passwords; 1.7.3. Using map errors (bugs, invisible textures); 1.7.4. Insulting or humiliating the administration or participant; 1.7.5. Violation of the rules of Contract Wars; 1.8. During the game, the referees have the right to take any action aimed at identifying violations. 1.9. If a violation of the rules is detected, the participant is suspended from the game and the team will lose. 1.10. The team representative is obliged to answer the judges in a timely manner, and also within 24 hours from the moment of creating the chat, select a map for the next match. In the event of an untimely response, the team may be counted as a technical defeat. If it is necessary to transfer the game, the representative of the team, or the player replacing it, is obliged to inform the tournament organizers at least 12 hours before the start of the game. Depending on the circumstances, the game may be rescheduled. 1.11 In the event of a tie in TE (Team Elimination) mode, both teams remain on the same server for another round to determine the winner. A draw in TDS (Targed Designation) is considered the same amount of points received in two full rounds (up to 6 wins). In the event of a tie in this mode, the teams play another 2 full rounds. If it is not possible to identify the winner after additional rounds, the referees have the right to credit the victory to the team whose total number of deaths for the whole game is less.
  2. General Forum Rules

    Welcome to the Contract Wars client forum! Please follow the forum rules to avoid violation problems and help us run a smooth informative forum. General The Contract Wars game forum is openly provided by anyone who wishes to visit or to register an account on it and then use it. By registering on the Contract Wars client forum, you automatically agree to these rules. Otherwise, the Administration and Moderation of the Contract Wars client forum have the right to restrict your access to the forum, or permanently block your account. The primary language in the English-language section of the forum is the English language. Any messages in other languages will be deleted. This kind of restriction is necessary for the implementation of qualitative moderation since it is not possible to moderate in other languages. It also allows a smooth communication. In addition to the general rules of the Contract Wars client forum, there are separate section rules that apply only to a specific section of the forum. They are usually attached to the section. Administration and Moderation The current structure of the Administration and Moderation you can learn by clicking on the link, or by clicking the "Staff" button in the forum header. Administration and Moderation of the forum are responsible for the functioning of the forum and maintenance of order on it, through technical interactions, or using moderation options available on the forum. If the Administration and Forum Moderation detects a violation, then, according to the rules, it issues appropriate penalties. Creating posts and discussion topics Before creating posts (posts) or Discussion topics, make sure that your message or topic does not conflict with these forum rules. Before creating a discussion or asking a question, make sure that there is no discussion topic, or this question was not asked already to avoid copying questions or creating a multitude of topics with the same meaning. To do this, we strongly recommend that you use the search function of the forum. Personal messages Personal user messages (conversations) are not necessarily viewed by the Administration and the Moderation for violations of the rules. However, the rules in this section of the forum apply. You can report a violation of the forum rules by the user with whom you have a conversation with the "Report" button and then we will review and take actions as needed. Violations The Contract Wars client forum (in private messages, topics, messages, profiles) strictly prohibits the following: Provocations, Trolling, Flame Any statements that are aimed at creating quarrels, skirmishes and other negative consequences (or manifestations of such actions) are a violation. Punishment: Read-only - from 1 day to 3 weeks Ban - from 1 day to 3 weeks In case of repeated violations: Ban - from 3 weeks to permanent Profanity, Partially modified Profanity (Masked Profanity), Vulgar expressions, Offensive Language Profane attitude, or obscene expressions, parts of the word which are changed to other symbols, vulgar expressions, and offensive language, are strictly prohibited on the forum. Punishment: Read-only - from 1 day to 3 weeks Ban - from 1 day to 3 weeks In case of repeated violations: Premoderation - from 3 weeks to 4 months Ban - from 3 weeks to permanent Offensive attitude or direct insults of an international, interracial character Any attempts to incite interethnic, racial strife, insults of this kind and insulting attitude, in general, are unacceptable at the forum of the Contract Wars client project. Punishment: Read-only - from 1 day to 3 weeks Ban - from 1 day to 3 weeks In case of repeated violations: Premoderation - from 3 weeks to 4 months Ban - from 3 weeks to permanent Flood, Spam, Distracted from the topic of the message Creating a large number of identical messages, or writing a lot of messages, topics without meaning, or messages that could fit into one message, the topic of discussion, or in the topic of discussion depart from the main topic of discussion or section is prohibited. For those wishing to discuss an abstract topic, there is an off-topic section on our forum with its own guidelines. Punishment: Read-only - from 1 day to 2 weeks Ban - from 1 day to 2 weeks In case of repeated violations: Pre-moderation - from 1 week to 1 month Ban - from 3 weeks to permanent Placement of referral links, Advertising links, other types of advertising The forum strongly prohibits the placement of advertising of other resources, services, goods, and placement of referral links. Exceptions are links to fan resources and social groups, as well as fan material of our game Contract Wars Client ONLY. Punishment: Ban - from 2 weeks to permanent Placement of photos/videos and other obscene/pornographic materials in messages and profiles Despite the fact that the project has a restriction on the age of 18+, the forum is public and accessible to everyone, so you can not post pornographic, erotic, offensive material, Any material that contradicts other rules (Example: Profanity). Punishment: Ban - from 2 weeks to permanent Abuse of text formatting The forum is forbidden purposefully or accidentally making the text either unreadable or difficult-readable. Do not write in all caps, please. Punishment: Delete a message or topic, a warning point In case of repeated violations: Ban - from 1 day to 2 weeks Creating a set of accounts, alt accounts The forum is not strictly monitored, but the creation of multiple accounts is moderated and their use for various purposes, violations or abusing up the reputation points. The owner of these account data can receive both a warning and a ban from 1 day to a permanent. All alt accounts will be permanently banned. Punishment: Permanent ban on all registered accounts. Abuse of the "Report" feature Do not use the function of a report on messages to attract the attention of the administration, with the notations "Delete" or "Respond." Remember that the function is designed to report only violations of the forum rules. Punishment: Abuse of the function is equated with the violation and may entail the imposition of penalty points. Abuse of quotation (overquoting) Do not abuse quoting of other messages. Often there is a situation where the citation contains several images and paragraphs of the text and the answer. Such posts clutter the forum and interfere with its perception by other visitors. We suggest you quote only the most necessary part and remove the rest. Or use tags instead. If you are having trouble locating from a mobile device, overclocking will not be considered a violation. Moderators will, if necessary, edit your message. Please, communicate such issue with moderation staff ASAP. Placement of referral links The Placement of referral links to other projects is a violation of forum rules and may entail the imposition of penalty points. Remember, the forum is for discussing the Contract Wars client project! It is forbidden to discuss the actions of the forum administration, both moderators, and developers. What is a "discussion of the actions of the administration": A dispute over the issue of points or a public statement of disagreement with any punishment. Threats against moderators and developers. Your complaints about the actions of the moderators should be sent only to [email protected] Moderators are forbidden to enter into a public discussion of their actions. Necroposting (raising old topics) in the news section is strictly forbidden! This is a serious violation of the rules of the forum, hampering the correct perception of current and outdated information, for which moderators can be imposed significant penalties. Rules on the naming of accounts or characters These rules apply to the names of the characters Contract Wars client and the name of the clans. If an account or character is named by a name that violates these rules, a warning will be given to it. In the event of a serious or repeated violation when choosing a name, the account may be blocked. The name will also be changed to randomly generated characters. List of violations in the selection of names and titles contains the following types of violations - including, but not limited to. The nicknames and names of clans are forbidden, which are: Directly or indirectly refer to registered trademarks. Directly or indirectly refer to real statesmen. Directly or indirectly, another person or group of people is insulted or have obscene language. Contain the nickname of administrators and moderators of the Absolutsoft forum. Directly or indirectly use vulgar expressions, as well as expressions of an offensive nature about the physiology of the human body. Directly or indirectly contain the name of narcotic substances or illegal actions. Directly or indirectly contain a reference to sexual or violent acts. They have a racist character or are aimed at discriminating against a certain group of people. Directly or indirectly contain references to religions or religious figures. Contain the advertisement of a site, a group in a social network or an organization (not related to Contract Wars communities). They look as if their owner belongs to the administration of the game or forum ("moderator," "admin," etc.) Contain information that violates the laws of the Russian Federation or the norms of ethical conduct. The administration of the forum and the company Absolutsoft reserve the right to a final decision on the compliance with the nickname of the company's rules. It is strictly forbidden in any form to use, distribute and advertise third-party software (software), giving an advantage to the game process Contract Wars client (cheats). Also, any mention of sources (websites, forums, pages on social networks, etc.) of the distribution of such software is prohibited. Punishment: Account lockout for seven days or permanently. It is forbidden to twist the reputation (artificial increase it by using tweaks, unreasonable solicitation from users or the creation of meaningless topics/messages) Penalties and types of punishment Administration and Forum moderation warns that for the above-prohibited activities, the Administration and the Moderation have the right to issue the following restrictions relative to your account: Verbal warning Administration and Moderation have the right (but not the obligation) to give you an oral warning if it considers your violation not sufficient to block the account or its capabilities. An oral warning will describe the reason for issuing a warning so that the user does not violate the rules of the contract forum Contract Wars client. It will be applied as a warning with 0 points listed. Premoderation Moderation (temporarily or permanently) means that any of your messages or topics that you will create on the forum will be pre-approved or rejected by the moderator before displayed to the public. Read-Only (RO) Read-Only (temporary or permanent) is a restriction that completely blocks the user from sending messages to the forum and creating new topics. The user can only read the materials posted on the forum. Ban Ban (temporarily or permanently) completely blocks the user account and all its features on the forum. Feedback If you have a problem or question that you can not find the answer to on the forum, you can contact John Winters or Martin Jacob. For technical issues related to the game Contract Wars client, please contact support. Thank you for your understanding, dear users! Good luck on our forums!
  3. Guidelines of Off-topic Forum Section

    Hello, Soldier of Fortunes, We have opened up this section for you all to allow you to discuss a little bit of an off-topic from what the other forum sections offer. But remember, you still need to abide by the forum rules and follow them accordingly. Try to not be too off-topic out of the game Contract Wars Client or its general universe. Other than that, have at it!
  4. Dear Player, This section is used for the sole purpose of helping you fix the technical issues you experienced in Contract Wars Client ONLY. Please, create a new thread under this section with the following things: System specifications Full detail of the problem What have you tried thus far Antiviruses and firewall status Have you read the known issues and fixes thread or looked around the forum first? Is this a bug you are reporting? If so, please, send it via support. This section is for technical issue support only. From there, wait for other players or staff members to assist you. Thank you and let's fix all the issues you experience together.