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Found 2 results

  1. I would like to know what is your association with Absolutsoft company. 1. Do you work for AS, or are you hired by some third party? a) if you do, is there any person working "with" Contract Wars Developers? Like on the same floor, building? b) if not, how does your communication with them looks like? I mean do you have a real contact, or do they just said "weapon rebalance soon", and you supposed to just give us illusion of Dev-Playerbase dialogue? 2. Is one of the Mods here is the infamous WondiferousGreen? 3. Does our posts and suggestions even matter for the Developers? (this one is kind of rhetoric)
  2. In december 2017 when Kong Community was still somewhat active (from time to time), I created a thread in which I've asked old players and veterans who left the game, what would have to change in order for them to ga back to Contract Wars. This is summarize of their posts and other issues/ideas I remember from Kong: -transparant development -community interaction. All the hackers, bugs, and so on existed, but devs too. They did little but were skilled at keeping people entertained with updates, promos, and other goodies and people felt the game was healthy and fun. Then devs suddenly fled around the time NPAPI doomsday was annonunced, and suddenly people saw that CW and was near. From that point, it's been a derailling train. And with devs not giving a single phac about their own game, hacks became even more rampant, old players grew tired, and new players didn't come. Also devs must listen to playerbase, not necessarily do what they say, but take them into account to improve the game. This includes solving old nasty bugs, balance issues, erase hackers from game (a working ingame report button could help a lot), posting clear info, etc. Also, prove they exist and care for they customers; -finish what is started. The code for WC is already there; is it that hard to make a damn tree for the remaining guns? Especially OP DT MDR, Vityaz, Gsh, AN-94 (so many people are saying that). Even more, add new attachments (mag, trigger mech, ammo, etc.) so we can also alter mag cap, firerate, pen, etc. More important; release CW on the web again to attract new players. Even shorter: apply some common sense. You are letting a successful product die out of abandonment. -continuous rebalancing of stats (buff orsis, ak105 and m4a1 back to preWC days, etc. buff gunsmith skilltree, nerf DT MDR, Vityaz, add slight delay between bursts to AN-94) -rework on skilltrees (no detection available or nerf - yes, some people will be apset, but this is driving new players away; change Additional Pistol Magazines from rent skill to SP skill) -killcam (cs style) -more servers across the globe, servers rebalance (there is no need for that many super low lvl servers) -more competitions / offers / etc, add contracts for camos, change rewards for achievements (camos/special honers/icons for avatar) -new weapons (for example a new GP LMG for tier 5-6) -new map (maps are one of the greatest part of the CW in my opinion - imperfection); stop banning for trivial things like tree climbing - it's nothing gamebreaking -shutdown of the entire browserversion-DONE! Great job! -significantly lower EXP for meta levels. It had great potential but turned out to be nothing more than a cheap cash grab, and it even introduced P2W imbalances into hardcore. Not to mention that non-custom guns suddenly became OP. Who was even using MDR before custom? -introduce SP limit. A couple of "dream roulette" events over the last year or so allowed paying players to amass ridiculous amounts of SP, meaning they are now able to exploit literally ALL of the game's unbalanced mechanics, instead of just one or two. Couple that with penetration and armor rents and they are unstoppable. Plus, the percentage of SP whales and renters went up sharply when the servers were combined. If normal mode is ever going to become playable again, this game will need an SP limit. -fix the code - LAG, framerate drops, freezes, hit detection and registration, rubberbanding, synchronization issues. The client was pretty smooth and ran better than browsers when it first came out, now there is no difference. -gameplay balancing. CW relies on imbalance - spawn mechanic, team switching, team balance (for example 6 USEC vs 1 BEAR). How about auto team pick, and team rebalancing like in TDS if there is 2 players difference between teams? Of course we all know CW relies on imbalance (how else do you make a storm, even less a pro or legendary), but it's crazy right now. Contracts, prokill wtasks, skills, etc. should be nerfed or changed so anyone can do them either with skill or time (instead of 1 pro, make 5 storms; instead of 24h, 48h, etc.). That would remove pressure for stacking and abusing broken/unfair mechanics. -And lastly, hackers. Prevent injecing .dll files to client, make reporting process more transparent, add more in-game mods, let community choose them, or create a thread for reporting / assign person to gather reports. With little to no hope of reaching it's destination, I direct this post to the game Developers. Those are most vital things, that need to be done. Nostalgia and patriotism can't keep this game alive forever. So please, read it and think about it. Despite toxicity, being jerks and making fun of you, we really want to help, and many of us still care for Contract Wars.