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Martin Jacob

Clan Recruitment Thread

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Clan and Clan Leaders of Contract Wars,

We know how much you love to play with friends and even more with an organized communities running as one banner. That is why we will be opening up this thread for clans to put themselves out there. We have only a few rules on this that we ask you to follow:

  • Follow the General Forum Rules
  • Respect other clans and no showing of attack towards others
  • ONLY one post per group. If you want to create a new one, delete your old one first
  • ONLY those who are recruiting post. You need to be looking for members
  • You CANNOT post here or on other sections with a "Looking for Clan" theme. Please, contact the clan leader or clan officers via PM to join them
  • All none recruiting or random conversations will be removed, and if repeatedly happens, the user will be issued warning points

Let's begin! Bring your clans forth! 

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Try to use the following format when posting under this thread for clan recruitment:

  • Clan Logo/Banner:
  • Clan Name:
  • Clan Description/Information:
  • Clan Leader Contact Info:
  • How to Join:
  • Link to Website and/or Communication Software
  • Anything else?:

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Clan Logo/Banner:


Clan Name: RIPby (RIP ALL)

Clan Description/Information: RIPby Is searching for active players from all over the world! only requirements are 75% contribution and 0% hacks! see you ingame!

Clan Leader Contact Info: if you want to join PM me on https://www.facebook.com/AlanYeray

How to Join: send me a message in facebook and a request to join the clan ingame, you will be accepted!

Link to Website and/or Communication Software: looking forward for active players to make a discord server!

Anything else?: We are a small community of contract wars players who strive to become a great clan together!

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Please, keep the thread clean to clan recruitment interest only. Everything is a placeholder now as the forum gets set up. And no, there will not be looking for a clan topics to avoid clans going on each other to get that member. Instead, if one is looking for a clan, they can read and contact that person. I will remove this comment after 48 hours to give you guys time to read it.

@Ganoush @Masterbaitor

Thank you!

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Clan "Beer"

Place: around 90


Beer - Have fun, relax and enjoy the game.
Beer Goal - Is to become an massive clan.

We are always looking for new active members and we are going to accept you in the clan if you are level 40 or higher by carefully looking at your statistic. Players with positive K/D scores and higher levels have advantage to join our clan. If you don't meet the criteria, you can message Marko Nikolic because we can make small exceptions. Clan will not accept accounts with inappropriate nick or nick “Player”.


All usefull skills and rents unlocked.



Kongregate - See the news and info...
Facebook group: Contract Wars - Clan "Beer" - Voting, suggestions, plans, advices...
Discord channel - Join for instant messages, playing together...

VK group - for our Russian members

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 SPARTASN ELITimage.thumb.png.aaf834785389a2928110187e0095e30d.png

 Our clan tries to attract a new public so that we are unstoppable when it comes to fighting this clan as soon as it begins to be forged We accept any type of player we only need activity of this can Contact the clan leader or subliders in our Facebook page or talk with Harrisone

Facebook page:https://www.facebook.com/Spartans-Elit-2056110737810062/?modal=admin_todo_tour

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8 часов назад, CW2276070 сказал:

Hola, realmente soy nuevo. Quisiera saber habria alguien dispuesto a explicarme como poder jugar desde ya muchas gracias.

Find a clan, start communicating with the players of the clan, they will tell you what is best

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