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8 hours ago, CW1109578 said:

what changes are made for IHZ43?

Changes are as announced above. If there is anything else, we will make an announcement about it so, please, stay tuned for that. Thanks!

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I'ts a fresh and unexpected sight to read someone in touch with devs. Without further proof, though, OP mentions work is being done and says weapon rebalancing is part of it. Commenting just on that (most has already been said):

  • Opness maintained: Vity and MDR are untouched. At least give them WC (that should autonerf them) so they have drawbacks like any other guns instead of being lasers right out of the box.
  • Restore former glory of old guns: we all know them; m4a1, ak105, orsis, izh43... Guns that were fun and/or competitive, killed by poor WC implementation. Buff the ARs so they are average again (no need to make them even good), restore Orsis lightning fast times (now it's so slow in every way it's become a expensive SV98) and izh43's awesome doom-like handling. Trust me, it won't break game balance, but they will be worth to use again.
  • Specialized attachments/decent scopes: guns with good sights were effectively nerfed by WC with smaller and darker lenses/sights: any sniper/carbine, kobra, sr3m, ebr, etc. Imagine WC for Stealth Hunter; scope will look as crappy and useless as it does on Thor, wil have worse base stats than tier 4 CR python but it costs GP! From pocket sniper to expensive niche sidegun! Avoid that by keeping preWC looks; could be as simple as making the attachment looks as nice as usual in that gun, but normal in any other (=scope is big and clear on SH, but smaller and darker on thor). Or even making gun-specifing attachments, like sr3m's silencer, some muzzlebreaks, etc.
  • Limitations of WC:  WC is a good idea, but in the end you just can boost accu and recoil at the expense of mob & dmg (=grindfest towards kemper and anpeq). Being able to very subtly alter fire rate, mag size, reload, ammo, etc. could open a whole world of possibilities.
  • Doable wtasks: some of there are either too hard or grindy; mainly, prokill tasks should become x5 storms. It's absurd to ask doubles for vity/MDR or storms for PKP when you need pros for vector, rpd or noveske (which needs a buff, btw). Someone once suggested that each game feat (storm, triple, longshot, etc.) should give X points that would count towards wtask progression (ofc you could complete it A LOT faster by doing what you're asked). I would simply turn any pro wtask into x5 storms.
  • Transparency: wouldn't hurt to add the altered stats to the post, estimated release date, make a poll to ask for next WC, give a few teaser pics, etc. Takes a few minutes and gamers get a certain feeling of being cared for.
  • Spec guns on roulette: they were removed due to a bug exploit (or so I read); a year later, can't that bug be fixed?

Will leave that for now or it will take a few more pages!



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