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Logo art contest

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Dear contractors,

Our Facebook page has had the same profile picture for more than 5 years now! It is time for a new one! And so, we are excited to announce our new art contest!

To join the contest, you are required to create a new profile picture that will be visually stunning and representative of the CWClient.

Further requirements:
- Full HD resolution.
- You may leave a small watermark with your name in the bottom right corner only. 
- Only digital artwork is accepted.
- There is no limit to the number of entries per user.

How to participate:
To join the contest leave your artwork in the comment section below, either as a picture or as an imgur.com link. Leave your in-game user ID in the comment as well. 
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3rd place - 1000 GP.
2nd place - 3000 GP.
1st place - 5000 GP alongside the honour of having his picture displayed on the page!

The contest will end on 25/12, Christmas day.

We add a helpful Contract Wars art package for you to use: freely: Drop box

Best of luck!


Contract Wars

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A f GP as a prize...

Well, it's still more valuable than HO keys I guess.


But you know what, maybe I will participate in this contest. I make most ACCURATE CW logo with my fearsome paint skillz.

Изменено пользователем imperfection

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