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Clan race "Clan Kill"

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Dear Contractors!

We sincerely congratulate you on the upcoming Defender of the Fatherland Day! In honour of this holiday, we are pleased to announce upcoming events. We have prepared a special clan race "Clan Kill", based on kills, not on experience.

During the clan race, there will be additional bonuses such as:

- Discounts on premium weapons from 50-90% 
- Free skill reset 
- A daily reward of 23 GP 
- Discounts on the following character camouflage:
PARTGH - up to 50% 
SPLIT up to 50% 
TGSWIHTE up to 50% 
SALFATE - up to 50% 
DARKPATE up to 50% 
NT01 - up to 50% 
AUTJAGG up to 50% 
T-REX - up to 50%

The rules for the clan race are listed below:

1. It is forbidden to conduct a clan war during a clan race. This is considered as an unfair, staged battle and the clans that participate in the clan wars will be disqualified.

2. It is forbidden to use alternative weakened accounts to your advantage (match-fixing). Clans that violate this rule will be disqualified from the race.

3. It is forbidden to transfer a game account to third parties. If such action is detected, the game account will be banned according to the rules of the game and its clan(s) will be disqualified from the clan race.

4. If a clan leader or lieutenant is caught cheating or farming, the clan will be disqualified from the clan race and the violators will be banned according to the rules of the game.

Our Technical Support created a special thread where you can submit videos and screenshots of the clans that violate the rules: https://vk.com/topic-54660408_39772512

Clan race will be held from 22 February to 5 March, 18:00 GMT.

There are four groups, defined by the number of members in the clan.: 
Clans with 0-50 members. 
Clans with 51-150 members. 
Clans with 151-300 members. 
Clans with over 300 members.

The top 10 clans of each category will be awarded and the top 3 clans of each category will be added to the Hall Of Fame section on our site, alongside the winners of past (and future) clan races: 

Prizes for the Clan Race: 
1st place - 5000 GP + 40 Million clan exp + 5 secret camouflage + any character camo for the clan leader 
2nd place - 5000 GP + 30 Million clan exp + 2 secret camouflage 
3rd place - 5000 GP + 20 Million clan exp 
4th place - 4000 GP + 30 Million clan exp 
5th place - 3000 GP + 30 Million clan exp 
6th place - 2000 GP + 20 Million clan exp 
7th place - 1000 GP + 20 Million clan exp 
8th place - 1000 GP + 10 Million clan exp 
9th place - 20 Million clan CR + 20 Million clan exp 
10th place - 10 Million clan CR + 10 Million clan exp

Important note: 
One clan may only be in one category at a time. If you gain a certain amount of kills in one category, and then accept/kick enough members in order to move to a different category, kills earned in the first category will not be counted towards the other category. If your clan was to move back to the first category, all kills previously gained in that category will be saved! Winners are determined only by the category they are in when the race is over.


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