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Official Contract Wars Tournament

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1.1 The tournament will be in the Double Elimination system. 
The peculiarity of the system is the division into two grids - the winner bracket and the lower bracket. The team that loses in the winners grid drops to the lower grid. The losing team in the lower bracket leaves the tournament. At the end, in the grand finals, there are 2 teams - winners of the upper and lower grids. 


2. MODE:

2.1 The tournament will be in HardCore: Target Designation, Team Elimination modes. 
2.1. Maps which will be presented at the tournament: 

TE mode: Old_Sawmil1, Evac1 and Interchange. 
TDS mode: Terminal1, Terminal2, Interchange and Bridge. 


3. TEAM.

To participate your captain needs to prepare team of 5 main players, as well as 2 players for replacement and apply for the appropriate topic


4.1. 5 peoples from each team playing in the match meeting, one or more referees will also be on the server.
4.2. Upon entering the map, participants should remain in the spectator mode and wait until all players from both teams will join the server. Then the judge will announce the start of the meeting, after which the participants can go over the pre-selected team (USEC or BEAR) and start the game.
4.3. The meeting is will be in the format “Up to two victories”, or by the sum of victories in two rounds played.
4.4. Teams are allowed to make replacements during the meeting, doing this as quickly as possible.


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