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The main news of the official tournament on the game Contract Wars

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Dear friends!

We present to your attention the new official tournament for the game Contract Wars, in which from 8 to 16 teams will compete!

Teams should try their hand at certain maps and modes:
TE mode: Old_Sawmil; Evac и Interchange. 
TDS mode: Terminal_1; Terminal_2; Interchange и Bridge. 

Weapons: AH-94 Abakan, DT MDR, PP-Vityaz, HK 417D Sniper, will be banned in the tournament!


The main prizes for winning the official tournament:
for 1st place - issued to the winning team up to 70000 GP
for 2 place - issued to the team up to 52500 GP
for 3rd place - issued to the team up to 35000 GP

Important information: the main prizes for the first three places in the tournament will vary depending on the number of teams gathered in the tournament, the more teams will take part, the more there will be main prizes!

The official tournament will be held on weekends only on Saturday and Sunday under the general supervision and control of game moderators.

All information about the official tournament (and this, the schedule of matches, the composition of the grid, reports and so on) will be reported only on the forum of the game Contract Wars.

We invite all players to take part in the hot event of the game Contract Wars.


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